Exclusive! The new Bugatti will still use the W16 and be a Roadster

It looks like ages because we previous shared an inside of scoop on Bugatti. That staying mentioned, we now have an fascinating bit of details to share with you. 

Bugatti has lined-up a new product for this calendar year, and it’s something none of us listed here had predicted. They are last but not least setting up an open up-leading Bugatti Roadster!

The upcoming Bugatti Roadster (not the ultimate name) will be the initial roofless design based mostly on the Chiron platform. From what we understand, this system was never developed with an open-major design in mind. This implies, the wizards at Molsheim must’ve spent various sleepless evenings modifying the present architecture when preserving the best torsional rigidity. It must’ve been a substantial and high priced undertaking, without a doubt.

Bugatti Veyron Barchetta-Speedster Concept-2

According to insiders, the Bugatti Roadster will use the ‘Thor’ motor – the most powerful one particular in the brand’s arsenal. That’s similar 1600 hp 8.-liter W16 motor that powers the Chiron Tremendous Activity and the Centodieci.

Like I explained, modifying an current system of these kinds of a minimal quantity hypercar is not effortless. Bugatti will have to offer sufficient quantity of automobiles to recoup the expense. Which is why, we weren’t shocked when our sources unveiled the Bugatti Roadster creation quantities. If our information and facts is suitable, Bugatti will build 99 Roadsters in full.

That is all we have for now. But, this is a producing story, and we will be back with more details before long. So stay tuned!