A Tale of Three Industries: A review of registration and migration patterns in the US new vehicle industry


Trying to comprehend the core, fundamental drivers of the US
new vehicle business can be hard, and for superior cause. In
the 2021 calendar year in the US, makers promoted 420 versions
across 46 makes, 33 segments, 10 entire body types and a few geographic
origins* – and this is ahead of getting into consideration engine
dimensions, gas type, and trim ranges.

Nevertheless, in spite of this complexity, by reviewing retail new automobile
registration data and migration styles, S&P Worldwide Mobility
has identified three dominant clusters, or cohorts, inside the
mainstream sector of the market. These groupings are
substantially greater in retail registration volume and their
concentrated migration dynamics than any other clusters.

The intent of this paper is to establish these 3 cohorts,
explain their characteristics and discuss why it is essential to
be informed of them.

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Posted 09 May well 2022 by Tom Libby, Associate Director Loyalty Options and Marketplace Investigation, Automotive, S&P International Mobility&#13


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