Massachusetts Man Buys Camaro ZL1 Using ID Theft

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No, he was not too embarrassed to use his authentic name…

According to a neighborhood report, 28-year-outdated Brandon Brouillard of Worcester County in Massachusetts made a plea deal on April 8 relating to his fraudulently purchasing a Chevy Camaro ZL1 for $83,000. The guy reportedly stole the identities of two victims to pull off this stunt, instead of working hard and preserving up his possess funds.

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The complete criminal offense went down in April of 2021 right after Brouillard took a 2021 Camaro ZL1 for a exam generate. He preferred the American muscle automobile so a great deal he agreed to obtain it for $83,000. We’re sure the decision was quite simple to make considering he was using other people’s dollars.

Days following the man picked up the Camaro, the dealership figured out the cashier’s test he turned above did not obvious. The account it was drafted on was frozen. Which is hen the dealer contacted Brouillard, who said he would wire the $83,000 and spelled out the total thing was a blend-up.

To get the initial resources, Brouillard opened a financial institution account under a different person’s id, wiring $108,000 from a further person’s account. When that didn’t work, he tried using to wire cash from but a different person’s account by composing an e mail to the lender, requesting the cash be sent to shell out for a “brother-in-law’s auto.” In accordance to the US Attorney’s Workplace, Brouillard cleaned that individual out of about $500,000 by earning large fraudulent buys which were delivered to his dwelling.

Id theft is not a joke millions of family members suffer each yr. Nevertheless, we can discover this case to be very bizarre in a few approaches. First off, who pays $83,000 for a Camaro, even if it is a ZL1? We’re considering the male considered he was the only one pulling a quickly a single, but so was the dealership. Certain, he was not essentially paying out for the car, but he got labored on the rate! Also, why do dealers hand around vehicles just before checks apparent?

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