How can I change the display screen on my 2013 Honda CR-V?


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How can I change the display screen on my 2013 Honda CR-V?

Q: I simply cannot delete the MPG/gas mileage on the exhibit display screen of my 2013 Honda CR-V. It is frozen and I cannot delete or improve it or get again to the usual display screen, which is just the time and radio.

I checked all the fuses and they are good. Do you have any suggestions, other than having it to the seller?

A: Just one factor you could test is to disconnect the battery constructive and unfavorable cables. The moment they are disconnected, hold the cables with each other. This will essentially reboot the car’s electrical procedure.

If this is thriving, you will want to reset the clock, radio presets and other memory features. This is a suggestion that Honda put out to their professionals to address odd electrical problems.

Q: My 2021 Ford F-150 truck — with the Eco-Raise motor — has been a great truck. The truck will get driven only a pair moments a 7 days and only has 4,000 miles on it.

I have observed — significantly after it sits for a few times — that from time to time there is a quick puff of blue smoke at startup. I have now improved the oil twice, and I’m utilizing entire synthetic oil and a Motorcraft oil filter. I have been checking the oil month-to-month, and it is generally at complete. Is this standard? I know some of the Ford Coyote engines have knowledgeable troubles, so I desired your impression.

A: I have viewed some mentions of related challenges with some of the Ford F-150 engines. Blue smoke on startup generally indicates oil burning. There are two possibilities, oil receiving by the ingestion valves or oil leaking in the turbochargers. At this point, I would carry the truck to the vendor so they can document the challenge.

Q: As I get older, I am discovering it far more tough to seem into the darkness for still left or correct turns. Acquiring automobiles with good headlights that illuminate the street as you change is tough. What would you advocate for non-luxurious automobiles that have the other protection functions (braking help, cross website traffic, blind place, and so forth.) and headlights that convert in a tiny/medium SUV? Have you tested any?

A: Usually, energetic headlights that change a little are on high quality automobiles. In a lot more affordable compact and midsized SUVs, glimpse for cars with LED headlights.

If I were purchasing, I would seem at the 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe, Mazda CX-5 and Subaru Cross Trek. These motor vehicles have pretty superior headlights and a whole enhance of energetic security attributes that can assistance drivers of all ages.

Q: I went to the nearby Kia dealership to inquire about their electric powered cars — I guess the Super Bowl commercials labored.

The salesman was polite and stated they have none in inventory. But what surprised me the most was that he explained they do not even have charging stations.

When I questioned for the approximate price tag, he could not discover any outlined on his computer. Kia is marketing electric powered cars on Television, nonetheless there is no product obtainable. This is discouraging to locate a deficiency of offer and lack of knowledge of the salesperson.

A: I checked the Kia website and found data on both the Kia Niro EV and the new EV6. The EV6 starts off at about $41,000.

The dealers neighborhood to me have quite a few in stock (at bigger trim amounts, beginning at $55,000).

About the dealership not obtaining a charging station, each individual auto supplier that I have seen that sells electric cars and trucks has at the very least one particular Degree II charging station. I’m absolutely sure they will be receiving just one in because of time.

Q: My new-to-me Chrysler 300 says to use quality gasoline. Can I use frequent gas and incorporate an octane booster to increase the octane? The other alternative was incorporating some premium gasoline and then filling the tank with common. I’m just trying to preserve funds.

AAA's Car Doctor, John Paul

AAA’s Car or truck Medical professional, John Paul

A: While your Chrysler endorses top quality fuel it is not necessary, and the engine will operate just high-quality on 87 octane regular gasoline.

About octane booster, most assert to raise the octane 20-50 octane points (87 might grow to be 87.5).

As for mixing octane when you fill up, this fundamentally is how midgrade is formulated. The pump mixes common and high quality and will come up with midgrade.

If it were being my vehicle, I would use a good-high quality 87 octane gasoline.

John Paul is the AAA Northeast Vehicle Health care provider. He has more than 40 years of experience in the auto industry and is an ASE-Certified Grasp Technician. Write to John Paul, The Vehicle Health practitioner, at 110 Royal Minor Drive, Providence, RI 02904. Or e-mail [email protected] and set “Car Doctor” in the issue industry. Comply with him on Twitter @johnfpaul or on Facebook.

This article at first appeared on The Providence Journal: Automobile Doctor: Display screen display screen on my 2013 Honda CR-V is frozen