2022 Toyota Sienna Woodland Edition is the lifted, AWD minivan of your dreams
2022 Toyota Sienna Woodland Edition is the lifted, AWD minivan of your dreams

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The 2022 Toyota Sienna is finding a lifted, all-wheel-travel product dubbed the Woodland Specific Edition. This revival of the jacked-up minivan notion packs some awesome adventuring goodies together with some well known premium written content from the operate-of-the-mill Sienna.

At the heart of this offer is an all-wheel-drive Sienna with extra floor clearance. Toyota’s announcement didn’t provide the specific determine we’ve attained out for specs. The Woodland also will get a 1,500-watt power outlet in the rear, roof rails with bundled crossbars, distinction-stitched interior elements, 18-inch wheels and some blacked-out trim factors. And considering that even the normal Sienna is quite able, it also benefits from 3,500 kilos of trailering capability.

Toyota states the Woodland can be had in one particular of two hues: Cement (pictured) and Midnight Black (not pictured). We are a small befuddled by the point that the only coloration distinctive to this individual product is named for an component utilised to make concrete. You couldn’t at minimum engage in it up with a identify like “Rainforest Mist” or something?

On the area, this looks like a little bit of a Hail Mary from an normally mainly irrelevant section, as if somebody pointed to a sketch of a Subaru Outback and stated, “Yeah, like that, but dorkier.” However, it seems a purely natural addition presented that mainly anything at all with 4 wheels and more than five inches of floor clearance would seem to be a candidate for a rugged trim degree these days. Apart from, a crossover is just a minivan without sliding doors.

This also isn’t a new concept. Recall the Pontiac Montana? It’s Alright if your response was “no” even your creator experienced to be reminded. It also wasn’t the only instance of a modest, substantial-driving passenger van. Volkswagen went down that street with the Vanagon Synchro, for illustration, and Mazda bought an MPV in the 1990s with on-demand AWD and some rugged fender treatments. The latter even performs an stop-about on the present lifted crossover trend mainly because it failed to have sliding doorways. See previously mentioned.

The Sienna Woodland will go on sale this fall. For each and every one sold, Toyota will donate $250 to the Countrywide Environmental Training Foundation. Do not fret the organization has pledged a minimum amount of $250,000, so we don’t want to basically rely on anybody acquiring these items for some excellent to be done.

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