Mercedes-AMG One Debuts… Finally [w/video]


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Mercedes-AMG One Debuts… Finally [w/video]

When the Mercedes-AMG One particular idea appeared at the Frankfurt Present in 2016, quite a few men and women might have thought it would never ever come to be a manufacturing reality. Mercedes ended up making an attempt the ambitious undertaking of having a fully fledged System A single motor and making a road-going car about it. Well, the Mercedes-AMG One particular debuts this week to silence all detractors.

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“With the Mercedes-AMG One, we have far more than pushed the envelope. The enormous specialized issues of earning a modern day Components 1 powertrain suited for everyday road use have without doubt pushed us to our boundaries. Above the duration of the growth interval, several may have considered that the job would be not possible to carry out. Yet, the teams in Affalterbach and the Uk hardly ever gave up and believed in on their own. I have the highest respect for all those people involved and am happy of this team accomplishment.”, states Philipp Schiemer, chairman of the board of management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

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No shock

Mercedes-AMG One debuts in ultimate form in a condition we are really familiar with. There ended up no genuine surprises when the photos of the Mercedes-AMG One particular were released by the company. The final merchandise did not stray also considerably from the thought or the subsequent mules observed screening and proven by Mercedes.

The Mercedes-AMG One is one of a kind in that most automakers style a auto, then decide what engine really should energy it. In this scenario that was reversed. Mercedes-AMG knew what motor they wished and created a car all around it. As a final result the form was decided by what is underneath. Airflow, cooling and downforce prerequisites ended up all liable for the condition you see higher than.

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Serious F1 electrical power

AMG undertook the important undertaking of taking a race-bred, really complex engine and creating it usable on the road. Of training course, the auto has an extraordinary superior-general performance slant, but it experienced to have a reasonable deal much more usability than the weekend equipment of Lewis Hamilton.

Underneath the rear motor go over is the exact 1,6-litre turbocharged motor as observed in past championship-profitable Mercedes F1 cars and trucks. The V6 spins to a superb 11 000 r/min. It is power-fed 3,5 bars of stress by a single turbocharger with electric powered help to develop 422 kW on its individual. Bear in mind, that is on pump gas. 

Four electrical motors are additional to the powertrain equation. Two are situated in front, 1 at every single wheel, although a 3rd is mated to the crankshaft. In addition a fourth motor is part of the substantial-tech turbocharger assembly. Every single contributes to the full process power output of the hypercar, which is quoted as 782 kW. Thanks to the electrical motors and battery packs the 1 can vacation 25 km in pure EV method.


Mercedes claims the One particular will speed up from -100 km/h in 2,9 seconds thanks, in section, to the all-wheel-drive program and launch command operate of newly made seven-speed automated transmission. A -200 km/h time of just 7 seconds flat is even more extraordinary, by comparison a present-day F1 car or truck requires about 4,5 seconds to strike 200. The AMG Just one will do 352 km/h flat out.

The AMG A person runs on 19-inch solid alloys at the front and 20-inch merchandise at the rear, the two with centre-locks. These are shod with Michelin Pilot Activity Cup 2R M01 tyres, which have been designed completely for the hypercar. The braking technique is composed of 398 mm/380 mm discs entrance and rear. The carbon ceramic discs are clamped by six-piston calipers up front and 4 pot things at the rear.

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Racecar derived

The Mercedes-AMG Just one is based mostly all over a carbon-fibre monocoque, a lot like a pukka racecar. In addition the outer condition is also fashioned from the same lightweight material. On top of that, it has racecar-derived suspension front and rear that is made up of drive-rods, in-board coil/dampers and aluminium links. 

There is also a great offer of active aero at enjoy. There’s an active spoiler on the entrance, ventilation ‘gills’ on the front fenders, and an adjustable rear wing. Downforce stages are enhanced as far more racy modes (Race Moreover and Strat2) are picked. In distinction to these modes there is also a DRS (drag reduction system) setting, which is reduces manner for achieving prime pace.

The Mercedes-AMG Just one debuts devoid of a record cost and a confirmed output volume. While, from previous bulletins, the business was aiming to create 275 models and they have been all spoken for some time ago.