John Christie Magnetic Motor – How To Make Your Individual 7kW Christie Motor And Easily Electric power Your Household

What is the John Christie magnetic motor? How does it perform? Can you genuinely electrical power your property by generating your individual? All these issues are answered in this write-up.

What Is The John Christie Magnetic Motor?

This motor is an illustration of zero issue/magnetic motor know-how. This is technological innovation that has been investigated for in excess of one hundred yrs but is only in the latest decades starting up to make a business and domestic impact. It allows the operator of the motor to deliver electrical energy. Not an endless volume of energy and not without end (this is not a perpetual motion machine) but even so extra than enough to electric power a residence.

This motor is very basic in notion. It is made up of a rotor and some strategically put magnets moreover electrical circuitry. It was developed by Christie and his electrician mate, Lou Brits. It creates a sizeable 24 kilowatts of energy.

How Does It Perform?

As described, the system is really straightforward in essence and consists of a couple standard components. The essential elements are the magnets.

Nikola Tesla, very long viewed as the “grandfather of electrical energy”, confirmed in excess of a single hundred yrs in the past that there are new techniques to acquire vitality, other than the sun, the wind and fossil fuels. Magnets can support us to entry this at any time-present electricity resource.

All magnetic motors require an first input of energy, a straightforward push of the hand or the use of a crank. The motor accelerates and quickly reaches a consistent velocity equilibrium.

The frictional forces that would otherwise hinder movement (from the bearings and air resistance) are additional than compensated for by the significant forces offered by the magnets.

As pointed out now, this is not a perpetual movement product. The magnets don out and ought to be changed. Some motors, these as the John Christie magnetic motor alone, use batteries which have to also be replaced periodically.

How To Make Your Possess Christie Motor

Christie and Brits are not by yourself in performing for quite a few many years on perfecting this technology. Numerous this kind of pioneers had been challenging at work in the 1980s and 1990s. These days, we are however at least 5 many years absent from the first commercially obtainable product for use in business and the home.

The products news is that today, anybody can make their have essential 7-kilowatt product which is much more than ample to energy most properties. The tricky function of pioneers these types of as Christie has been accomplished and we can now all profit from this know-how. All that is required are a handful of standard elements (several of which can be acquired 2nd hand), some tools and some assembly. Rather of shelling out hundreds of several hours striving to make your personal prototype, you can do it in just 48.

How can you do this? With the support of a good established of programs/instructions that have been developed by another person who has been there prior to you. Certain, a set of guidance may possibly value all-around 50 bucks. But this is a excellent investment decision if you consider how a lot of several hours you would or else waste (and how substantially that would charge you – except if your time is cost-free, I know mine just isn’t). Rather of pulling your hair out, you can have the self confidence of being aware of that you’ll have a operating motor up and running in incredibly very little time.