Flashy Car Rims – Is It Just A Guy Thing?

Wheel Tips For The Female Of The Species Too

If you browse the internet ads for tires and wheels, it seems like flashy car rims is a guy thing. The websites are geared to a masculine point of view. Some websites feature sound and videos that include a pounding rap beat backed up by a view of “shiny things.” Most websites feature Charlie’s Angels “look a likes” pouring themselves over the car chassis or pointing to flashy car rims. Lexani’s official website features a four minute video to showcase its wares. The wheels are hot, the girls are hotter.

Men & Car Rims

Normally, the male of the species keeps a pretty low profile when it comes to plumage but when it comes to equipping their rides, most men, don’t question how much but how will the wheels look on the car, truck or SUV.

A Little Research

I did a little research about aftermarket car rims. I asked various friends and associates if they would they spend an additional $8.000.00 for specialty wheels for their vehicle. By far most of the men I asked didn’t even blink at the price but just shrugged and said “yeah, I guess; it depends on how they would look.” The women looked at me as if I had just arrived from Mars and replied with an emphatic “NO WAY”. A marketing statistic shows that ninety percent of the shoppers at wheel and tire shops are men. Men like flashy car rims and it seems to be almost genetic.

Car Rims & Shoes; A Connection?

This same connection exists between women and shoes. It’s never about the money but how they look. You need shoes to protect your feet. The functional ones work well but it’s the pretty ones that we want. Shoes, like car rims have a definite purpose as well. Like shoes that allow the owner to walk, car rims allow the car to “roll”.

Because car rims are so vital to the handling and performance of vehicles, it is important for women to become as interested in the details of car rims as men. This article will talk about car rims and wheels sizes, chrome and alloys, package prices, reliable brands, and upcoming trends like spinners.

So let’s get motoring. By the end of this piece you will know more about car rims. The man in your life will be impressed by your new-found knowledge and you’ll be ready to make an informed decision about what’s best for your ride.

Where To Look For Car Rims

There are numerous websites dedicated to sale of car rims. As well many sites offer valuable information about car rims and what you can do to enhance your vehicle’s performance and handling. If you decide to make your purchase through a website check with a Consumer Bureau to ensure that the website is reputable.

Car Rim Sizes – It’s The Fit That Counts

When you purchase a vehicle, stock models come with a specific size of car rim. For example small cars like Honda Preludes have 13 inch rims. As the size of the vehicle increases so do the size of the car rims. Car rims sizes can go up to 27” and beyond as many manufacturers are developing larger sizes for newer jeeps and SUVs. Front Wheel Drive sizes are slightly smaller than Rear Wheel Drive types by about 2 inches.

Plus Sizing

To enhance the look of your vehicle and improve its performance you can increase the size of the wheel “Plus Sizing” is a term that refers to increasing the size of the car rim to the wheel.

Why Plus Sizing?

Plus sizing is chosen by drivers for steering response, handling, and cornering ability. When you add inches to the tire, there is more surface that is in contact with the road. Plus sizing a wheel also enhances the sporty look of a vehicle.
Plus sizing can be done by “inching up”. The following are the three methods of “inching up” your tire.

* Plus Zero

* Zero Plus One

* Zero Plus Two

Plus Zero

The Plus Zero method uses the same wheel radius as the original equipment but includes a tire with a larger size than the original’s width but smaller than the aspect ratio. For example the original tire size is: 175/70R14. By putting a 195/60R14 tire on this wheel rim you would not be increasing the tire size, hence “plus zero”.

Zero Plus One

Plus one increases the size of the tire by one inch. For example if the tire size is 175/70R13 and you put a tire on it that is 175/70R14, you have increased the tire size by one inch. Zero plus one utilizes a one-inch larger diameter wheel in conjunction with a smaller tire. This method always requires a replacement wheel.

Zero Plus Two

Exactly as the name of the method implies, this approach increases the size of the tire by two inches. For example, you would replace the original equipment of 175/70R13 with a tire size of 175/70R15.

Chrome And Alloys

Early cars had steel wheels. This has changed because of the weight of steel. Today’s vehicles are designed to be as sleek and aerodynamic as possible. Ask any racer why alloy wheels were developed. The light alloy wheel is an essential part of vehicle safety and performance. These car rims evolved in the racing industry as cars needed to be lighter. Alloy wheels, because of their functional good looks quickly jumped into the mainstream of aftermarket vehicle sales. There are numerous websites dedicated to magnesium, chrome and silver alloy car rims and wheels.

Chrome, Magnesium And Silver Alloys

Chrome wheel rims have always been popular due to their shiny exterior but other types of alloy rims have appeared in the past 10 years. Custom alloy rims include magnesium rims that have been x-rayed and heat tempered to ensure their good looks and durability. Buyer beware however, when purchasing a car rim package make sure that price is not your primary decision making factor.

Buyer Beware

Many lesser known companies use copy cat technology and do not adhere to industry standards. Ensure that you are shopping at a reputable web site. If it seems to be too good a deal to be true, it probably is. Check out manufacturer’s websites such as Lexani, Giovanna and Sprewell for referrals to qualified sales centers.

Reliable Car Rim Retail Sales Outlets

Successful manufacturers of car rims and wheels have one trait in common. Each manufacturer pays great attention to producing a quality product. To participate in the motor vehicle aftermarket, it is essential that certain standards be met.

Manufacturers such as Lexani, Weld, Konig and Sprewell strive to provide the best quality product available today. In order for a retailer to sell products from these companies, they must hold to the guidelines set out by the manufacturer. Today, all car rim and wheel manufacturers have websites. It’s a good idea to review them prior to beginning your search for the perfect wheel.

Package Prices

Shopping for car rims can be done in three ways:

* In person at a wheel and tire outlet.

* At a vehicle dealership.

* On the Internet.

There are literally hundreds of sites that offer wheel packages and most provide free shipping anywhere in the United States. All sites offer packages that include custom fitting four wheel rims, mounting and balancing of four tires and delivery. Lug nuts and other associated items are not included in the package but are available at discounted prices.

Car Rims Can Be An Expensive Investment

Wheels aren’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Depending on the brand you choose a person can pay as much as $8,000.00 US for a Lexani Big Johnson 27inch package. Giovanna has a package available for almost ten thousand dollars. This package features the Abruzzo 26” wheel and tire.

There are packages available from Eagle, American Racing and Centerline that are less expensive. Many of the packages available from the above companies offer wheels that start at $1699.00.

Though they are less expensive, these car rim packages still provide the good looks and functionality featured in the more expensive models.


One of the hottest trends today for car rims is spinning jewelry. Car rims that include spinners are the most demanded item on wheels today. These items cause an optical illusion that the wheel is still spinning when a vehicle is stopped at a street light. These wheels are designed to catch the eye and keep the onlooker’s attention. Some websites describe spinners as being simply stunning. Spinners are available from numerous manufacturers such as Sprewell and Oasis for a variety of prices. Spinning jewelry looks good on SUV’s, jeeps, sports cars and even the family car.

Flashy Car Rims – Truly A “Guy Thing”

A term such as “simply stunning” was usually employed when describing dresses, women or shoes. More aftermarket companies are striving to attract a feminine audience to encourage women to purchase their product. These companies are few and far between and for the most part, flashy car rims remain a “guy thing”. However if you want to make an informed purchase decision or you simply want to impress your boyfriend with “guy” knowledge, it’s a good idea to do your homework. Ultimately, you’ll be glad you did. Happy motoring.

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