Car Lease Specials – The Jaguar XF

With the new year coming up fast, it seems that everybody is gearing up to check out all sorts of car lease specials; especially with the many rumored super cars that are coming out in 2008. One of these cars is more anticipated than any other and that’s none other than the new Jaguar XF. Unlike the Jaguar of old, this one really does resemble the mean looks of an actual big cat. The Jaguar XF goes beyond the traditional standards of the classy Jag we are all used to.

What we know about this jaguar that’s due out in March is that while it uses the old S-Type bases and suspension from the XK coupe, what it looks like is entirely different. It takes on a sportier more than luxurious look although it doesn’t give up too much as it still looks like a million dollars. It will definitely be a head turner for a much younger market, but this doesn’t mean it will alienate the Jaguar’s dedicated market as it still retains the class that Jag is known for; this is especially true if you manage to get one of these car lease specials in a dark color, like black.

What you see outside is definitely not true inside the XF. The exterior is a lot ore buff but inside, you may be surprised with the luxury of space that you will enjoy. The seats are not as bulky as you might expect and this offers an impression of more air and space. However, this is a good thing, especially with all the things that this car packs in. Expect wood and aluminum alloy on the inner sides, a lowered dashboard, a rotary gear selector in the center and a starter button that flashes upon entering the car. As a standard, consumers get cruise control, heated seats and satellite navigation! That leaves room for the imagination as far as add-ons are concerned.

Speaking of room, the Jaguar XF has just enough of it. In fact, a six-foot person sitting in the back will actually have a lot of head room left between his or head and the ceiling. Foot room is quite spacious but the 500-liter trunk space is a lot more generous and the back seats also fold for additional space.

Expect the Jaguar XF to “hit the shelves” on March 1 2008. It will come in two whopping 4.2 liter V8 models, one with a supercharger and one without. There will also be a 3.0 liter V6 for the slightly less adventurous and a 2.7 liter V6 turbo diesel for the gas-consumption conscious. This is the definitely the cat to beat as soon as it hits the market and at over $60,000, this price range is only rivaled by Germany’s BMW 550i M Sport. It all depends in what class you choose to belong to when it comes to shopping for the top car leasing specials.