Why Are Thieves Stealing Chevy Malibu Steering Wheels?

Even by the requirements of the outrageous periods we’re in now, this is a bizarre one, even for auto thieves. They’re thieving steering wheels. Which is not news, as people highly-priced airbags inside of the steering wheel hub can experience rewards for the brazen. But there is a additional puzzling layer of steering wheel theft likely on much more not long ago specially targeting Chevy Malibu steering wheels. What is up with that?

Vehicles deliver an limitless supply of content for burglars. Catalytic converters, fuel, and for individuals with bolder ambitions, the entire car or truck, and thieving gasoline immediately from gasoline station storage tanks. But precisely, in and all around Detroit, the steering wheels of alternative arrive from Chevy Malibu sedans. Smashing in the driver’s window and snagging the steering wheel usually takes just a few of minutes.