White Cyc Studios Technology

White cyc is an individual component used to build a cyclorama that encircles the stage. All the advances in technology have done little to change the way the cyc is lighted over the years. All the new technology has increased the importance of proper lighting, and using the right kind of material for the white cyc.

What technology has done is take century old technology and make its use essential for creating virtual backgrounds for virtual reality, and special effects for the up and coming flood of movies, and various video applications dependent on computer systems requiring flawless virtual backgrounds that can only be created in white cyc studios. White cyc studios technology dates back to nineteenth century German Theaters and has bounced around the entertainment industry for years. White wall surface was use for early twentieth century Broadway plays and finally ended up in Hollywood use for creating special effects.

The white cyc is a very useful tool when it comes to lighting the white surface stage set. The white cyc provides the lighting designer with an abounded number of lighting possibilities for staging the desired special effects scene. The white cyc with proper lighting will draw the viewers focus to the subject that the producer wants to showcase. This is the main advantage of white surface backgrounds, and the reason white wall studios are use for TV commercials, news programs, music videos, dance routines, and other types of film media. White is used for the color of the cyc because it leaves the background void so a new background with the desired effect can replace it. The void background is great for digital fashion photography enhancing the model’s appearance and keeping total focus on the model.

The one or more white cyc studios technology walls can be painted green to combine green screen effects in the white cyclorama studios. This works because the cyc is void of background allowing for the green screen background effect to show up in place of the white cyclorama background. Using the cyc enhances the green screen effect by giving it illusions depth and infinite space. Robert Rodriguez used a method similar when he was filming Sin City when he uses his 1956 Chevy Panel truck in the film. He places his truck on a platform and films it from all different camera angles. The actors were filmed in front of a green screen background and were composite in the truck film to appear to be inside of the truck. In reality the actors never were in the truck during filming. With the increasing number of special effects in movies and TV programs today cyc lighting is very essential in creating special visual effects.

Movie producers have doubts about using white cyclorama studios for special effects. The producer’s doubts are quickly dismissed with clear understanding of what the cyclorama studios can do when they see the results from the production studios. Another use for white cyc studios technology backgrounds is on talk shows when music groups stop by to play one of their new music pieces. The white surface provides the perfect area for creating a quick music environment.