The Top Five Hybrid Vehicles In The Market

Are you looking for a vehicle that would make you run through miles and miles of distances? Are you looking for a vehicle that you could not only bring to work and fetch your kids from soccer practice but also that kind of vehicle that you can even to formal gatherings and parties? Are you looking for a vehicle that could simply give your wallet (and your pocket) a little help but not being a gas guzzler?

Well then it seems like the perfect vehicle for you would be a hybrid vehicle. Made with the utmost care and created using the best type of hybrid technology one can find, hybrid vehicles have sure become one of the top choices of consumers who are out in the market for a new vehicle. Of course, this is not surprising for people would surely want to spend less on gas but still be able to drive further.

So what hybrid car or hybrid vehicle is at the top? Read on to find out.

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius hybrid version is actually the very first hybrid vehicle in the market that has been mass produced. This was first sold in Japan only in the year 1997 but Toyota later on decided to bring the Toyota Prius hybrid to all other parts of the world in the year 2001. After being introduced in the market, this vehicle has certainly been one of the most sought after hybrid vehicles. Sure, this one can hit up to 60 miles per gallon during city driving.

Honda Civic Hybrid

With 49 miles per gallon achievement, the Honda Civic Hybrid comes second to the Toyota Prius. This hybrid has taken after the conventional yet best selling Honda Civic vehicle and this one has surely followed its footsteps. It first came into being in the 2003 but it did undergo a redesign just this year.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

Achieving 40 miles per gallon, the Toyota Camry Hybrid has also been one of the most popular hybrid vehicles in the market. And being the hybrid version of the very popular Toyota Camry, it has not been surprising that this vehicle became one of the market favorites.

Ford Escape Hybrid FWD

The Ford Escape Hybrid FWD was first launched in the year 2004. What makes this vehicle quite a good catch is that aside from being a fuel saver, the Ford Escape Hybrid FWD is also a sport utility vehicle at that. Indeed, SUV lovers who wanted more miles for their gas turned to the Ford Escape Hybrid FWD. And yes, where you find your ordinary 1970 Ford Maverick parts would be also the right source of the high technology parts for this SUV hybrid.

Toyota Yaris

34 miles per gallon is what the Toyota Yaris can achieve. This vehicle is actually a hatchback and is a compact car at that. Toyota has also been proud not only of its fuel mileage but also of the huge amount of color choices that consumers can choose from: absolutely red, Barcelona red metallic, bayou blue, black sand pearl, blazing blue, flint mica, jade sea metallic, meteorite metallic, nautical blue metallic, olive mist, Pacific blue metallic, polar white, and silver streak mica.