The Tesla Model X Overview

Tesla continues to grow, starting off with its iconic Roadster and now this technology company cum carmaker has recently made available to the public the Tesla Model X. This electric vehicle is being marketed as an SUV with the ability of a minivan packed with the latest electronic and electric gadgetry in the market today. The design is very sleek, with the headlamps mimicking the effect of a stare down, leading to a lot of attention from onlookers and passers-by.

This begs the question though, what is under the hood of the much hyped Tesla Model X.

The Tesla Model X is able to accelerate from zero to sixty in just under five seconds. This is achieved with its low center of gravity design, allowing for greater road grip and efficient use of power even at full load of seven adults in its cabin. This vehicle can either be at dual motor all wheel drive, allowing for much improved car handling on any weather or road surface. The side doors are designed to coincide with its sleek frontage, yet allowing the user the comfort of moving about even in narrow parking spaces. This is what makes this futuristic design not only great aesthetics but also for nimble handling and use even in the tightest of clearances.

Its spacious interiors are also a cut above the current SUV market designs. The Model X allows for comfortable seating either in the second or third row. Gone are the days of clumsy clambering over folded seats, as the design considers efficient use of space without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality. Its dashboard is very much like a space ship console, providing the latest technologies such as satellite navigation, speedometer readings as well as battery capacity and distance travelled in clear displays and within easy reach. Emissions from electric vehicles are a thing of the past and the Model X continues in this tradition. This vehicle is powered by either a sixty kW battery or eighty five kW battery, depending on the option taken at purchase.

Clearly, this is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Tesla Model X. This is another groundbreaking achievement for the Elon Musk led company as it continues on its march forward in integrating aesthetic and aerodynamic design, the most modern power technology and efficient usage of space and materials on a vehicle platform. All these elements taken together provides not only a great look, but a great ride and an economical ride for all.

A few years back, many individuals thought that creating such a masterpiece would be the Holy Grail of electric vehicles. Tesla though has sought to strive to achieve the best and the overcome the limitations current technologies have to create better ones in its vehicles. Aside from the design of the car itself and its power train, the latest onboard technology would surely take your ride over the top. Learning more about the vehicle at the Tesla Model X forum is a must for anyone interested in riding into the future.