Success Tip – Tap Into Your Creative Power – Innovate and Invent

It is better to be the WORST ORIGINAL version of yourself than be the BEST FAKE of someone else. Lack of originality in our dealings stifles the generation of brand new, fresh ideas and thinking hence the world becomes monotonous, routine and boring. In every person is wired the power of CREATIVITY. This creative power is not limited to specific privileged and skilled individuals. We should never demote ourselves to the point of appointing others to the role that we are entitled to. When people see your originality they will pay every cent available to taste your product. When all you have are copies of other people’s work then you are doing mankind a disservice. There are areas of endeavor that only you can pioneer. The fact that no one has ever made a cure for AIDS does not mean it is not out there. Someone is sitting on it unknowingly. I can only hope it is not you.

In business, innovation can be easily differentiated from invention. Invention on one hand can be described as the conversion of cash into ideas while Innovation becomes the conversion of ideas into cash. Let us do a quick comparison of two creative people, Thomas Edison with Nikola Tesla. Thomas Edison was as innovator because he made money from his ideas. Nikola Tesla was an inventor. Tesla spent money to create his inventions but was unable to monetize them. Having described the two I would advise that you don’t choose one at the expense of the other. They are both good attributes to live by and work on. To be an inventor is good, to be an innovator is even better. How about having both, it’s the best thing you can ever do with your mind.

No one should ever lie to you that you are not able to create anything with your mind. No one should ever tell you that the inventions that exist are enough. New machines are coming out in their dozens daily as mankind seeks to make life a lot easier, more efficient and pleasurable. Who says you cannot be the next success story when you create a machine never created. Whoever said you will amount to nothing actually didn’t mean it. That was the slippery of the tongue. They meant that you will be the next amazing success story from your village, country or continent. You have a choice, to believe the utterances of people about how “not so creative you are” or believe that you have all the capacity laid out and wired on the inside. I always choose the later. Let the talkers do what they enjoy doing, talk which amounts to nothing while I do what amounts to greatness. You are a creative genius waiting to be discovered by the world, but you are ripe and ready.

Ponder Points – Think about this – Who are you trying to become lately? How original are your thoughts and actions? How open is your mind to new things? What have you created over the years using your creative ability and creative capacity?

Affirmation Points – Say this to yourself– I am an original not a copy. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. In me is the capacity to create things never created? I speak into existence the things never seen. Thank you for originality. I am a creative and original thinker.