Keeping Your McLane Garden Edger

Possessing a garden edger is like proudly owning a car or truck. To hold it working effortlessly, periodically you require to perform maintenance on it to retain it functioning the way you want. Below are the maintenance ways you need to have to get to retain your McLane edger with Briggs & Stratton engine in superior performing problem.

1. Oil – When you 1st buy your garden edger, you will in all probability have to have to fill it with oil (about 2/3rds of a quart). McLane edgers are not transported with oil in them and managing the motor ahead of you fill the edger with oil can damage the motor. Use a artificial 5W-30 or 10W-30 grade motor oil. Immediately after the to start with 5-8 hours of procedure, you will want to empty and change the oil. Just after that, you need to typically only need to exchange the oil following every 50 hrs of operation. I individually like to switch my edger’s oil at the start of every mowing/edging year.

2. Air Filter – McLane edgers can arrive with two styles of filters – either an oval filter or a rectangular-shaped filter with a pre-cleaner pad. If it uses an oval filter, you will need to clean and/or exchange your edger’s air filter every 25 several hours. If your lawn is really dry and dusty, you will most likely want to examine your air filter a lot more commonly than that. If it utilizes a rectangular filter with a pre-cleaner, you will want to check and both clean up or switch the pre-cleaner right after every single 25 hrs of procedure. You can simply clean up the pre-cleaner with h2o and liquid detergent. Make sure it is entirely dry before you put it back on your edger. You won’t require to exchange the rectangular filter right up until right after 100 hrs of procedure. However, when I test the pre-cleaner just after 25 hrs of procedure, I also choose out the rectangular filter and hit it versus my other hand to get rid of some of the dust that it will have gathered.

3. Grease – McLane edgers have two grease fittings on the cutter head system. You will want to incorporate grease to these two fittings 2 times a mowing year. I recommend executing it first at the commence of the year and the second time halfway via the time. Use #2 multi-intent grease in your grease gun.

4. Spark Plug – At the start off of the mowing/edging period, take out your edger’s spark plug and examine its condition. Immediately after that, check it immediately after each and every 50 hrs of edger operation. Soon after 100 hrs of procedure, you will want to replace the spark plug. Be guaranteed and check out the spark plug’s hole working with a hole gauge (the proper hole is.30″ (.76mm)) in advance of you reinstall your aged plug or set up a new plug.

5. Blade – At the get started of the period, look at the condition of your edger’s cutter blade. If it is worn down, switch it with a new blade.

6. Common Maintenance – Numerous occasions all through the season, do the following matters: (1) look at and tighten all bolts and screws on your edger – especially the cutterhead pulley guard, the blade guard, and the blade mounting nut (which go through a great deal of vibration all through the procedure of the edger) (2) examine the pulley belt to make sure it is not demonstrating abnormal put on or deterioration (if so, swap it) and (3) lubricate the edger’s front axle & wheels (e.g., applying 3-in-1 oil or a spray lubricant).

Carrying out these servicing methods will enable hold your edger in great working situation for numerous mowing/edging seasons!