How to Buy a Used Hybrid Car

Hybrid Cars are cars that require two or more sources of power for their operation. The biggest reason for the popularity of used hybrid cars is their tremendous potential of reducing the consumption of fuel and exhaustion of the emissions. The level of advancement of the batteries, along with the advanced technology pertaining to usage of power has majorly commercialized their use.

The initiation of the manufacturing and sale was done in the 1960s when the US Congress made the launch of bills with the basic premise that their production will lead to reduction in air pollution as well as the development of an alternative mode of transport. The energy transmitted from the electric motor is cleaner comparatively and emit lower quantity of toxins. The range of power is very long making these cars very economical to the users.

Moreover, in order to promote their sales, the US Government under President Bush started giving tax benefits to the purchasers since 2006. Although the initial cost of the cost is comparatively higher while purchasing, the subsequent maintenance costs are pretty lower. The users will get tax credits as per the decreased level of consumption of gasoline and the saving of fuel over the lifetime of the vehicle.

It has been proposed that about 20% of each major city in the United States must have a fleet of hybrid cars by 2015 and measures are being taken to impose the same because the highest level of emission of carbon-di-oxide is in the US. Some of the notable eco-friendly cars on the market include the Ford Escape Hybrid SUV, the Lexus RX 400h Hybrid SUV, the Toyota Highlander SUV, the Dodge Ram, the Mercury Mariner SUV, the Chevy Silverado pickup, the Sierra pickup, and the Dodge Ram pickup. These cars have a big market for first-time sales and a bigger market for second hand cars. The cheapest of them has been launched by Honda named the new 2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid model and is worth $19,950. BMW ActiveHybrid 7 has been priced at approximately $102,500; while the Chevrolet Tahoe costs $37,500. The Cadillac Escalade is worth $62,500. These enable saving of hundreds of dollars by purchasing new hybrid cars.

Used hybrid cars gained significance maximum in the last decade because of the tremendous reduction in the demand for oil in comparison to normal cars. The principal source of energy for these cars is electricity and not oil. The most benefitted companies are the technology and the utility ones, who have become leaders in the auto segment with respect to the used hybrid cars. Even the level of efficiency rises in case of these cars since they give higher mileage.