Exceedingly Versatile Northstar Trifuel True 10,000 Watt Generator

For a versatile 10,000 Watt generator look no farther than the Northstar Trifuel generator No 165939. The Northstar 165939 switches from natural gas to propane to gasoline with no problem and generates 13,000 surge watts and 10,500 uninterrupted watts of power.

North Star Trifuel 10,000 Watt Backup Generator 165939

Weather conditions are no problem and the electrical starter gets things rolling. Specializing in backup generators has allowed Northstar to become a leader in the field and to be on the cutting edge of new technologies. Another thing, being manufactured with 100% copper-wound brush less heads certainly helps these brutes to last for years and years.

One of the outstanding attributes of the Northstar 10,000 watt generator is the famous V-mount engineering they created to decrease vibration and dull the wear and tear on the engine. The V-mounts feature a scientifically engineered rubber isolation mount made with a distinctive elastomer rubber. Somehow this rubber is both flexible and stiff at the same instant, which it actually needs to be.

Northstar 10,000 Watt Designed For Easy Access

Creating the Northstar Trifuel generator to be easy to operated was the basis for the outlets and controls being placed where they are. Of course you must not forget to count the thermal magnet circuit breaker as well. Timely maintenance is the key to extending the life of your backup generator so Northstar has provided a run time meter monitor to keep you cognizant of this. To prevent dirt and debris from fouling the engine and alternator the solid base does dual responsibility as an obstacle.

Stock with all Northstar Generators is the 24 Month Parts and 24 Month Labor Warranty. Power-sensitive equipment is safe operating off of the Northstar 10,000 watt generators since they feature less than 6% THD. To protect the engine and to save you the trouble Northstar has added the low oil automatic shutdown feature. For a large job or in case of an emergency the Northstar Trifuel generator 165939 comes with (7) receptacles that include (4) which are 20 Amp and 120 V.

Northstar has picked a high quality engine with the Honda 614cc OHV V-Thin motor. You can run for an entire (10) hours at 1/2 load running on either propane, natural gas or gasoline. The cool part is that you can effortlessly change fuels without having to switch off the generator. You will need a battery to operate this and because it isn’t included. You can’t purchase this or operate it in California.

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