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France, 1904-1933.

The French motor vehicle maker Cottin & Desgouttes existed from 1904 to 1933.

Cottin & Desgouttes | Cartype

Cottin & Desgouttes emblem. (supply: Radiator Emblem Assortment)

In 1904 Pierre Desgouttes remaining the Berliet brand and decided to make vehicles under his possess title. In 1905 he joined forces with Cyrille Cottin and the model now gained their closing identify.

In 1911, a department was even set up in Cambridge, England where by the chassis imported from France had been coachbuilt.

In 1922, the Style M was launched, a modest and very cost-effective motor vehicle that became the company’s greatest achievement. As a late consequence of the globe financial crisis, the company finally finished its things to do in 1933.

The star in the middle of the emblem is intended to symbolize magnificence.

(supply: Radiator Emblem Assortment)

cottindesgouttes logo.gif

Cottin & Desgouttes emblem.

cottindesgouttes type.gif

Cottin & Desgouttes symbol.

cottinidesgouttes brochure

Cottin & Desgouttes brochure. (source: Radiator Emblem Collection)

cottinidesgouttes poster

Cottin & Desgouttes poster. (source: Radiator Emblem Assortment)

cd sans secousses 12 cv 27

1927 Cottin-Desgouttes Sans Secousses 12 CV, France.


Cottin & Desgouttes. (supply: Radiator Emblem Collection)