BMW 335i E91 Touring Unleashes 700 Horsepower On The Autobahn

Instead of patiently ready for BMW to finally build the M3 Touring, some 3 Collection wagon homeowners took issues into their have hands. Just take for case in point this 335i from the E91 period that has absent through a extensive stage 3 kit to unlock ludicrous quantities of horsepower and torque. Seriously loud and potent, this large-mileage device nonetheless pulls like a train.

At the heart of the super wagon is nevertheless the exact same tried using-and-examined N54 motor. Having said that, gone are the times when the twin-turbo straight-6 mill employed to make a smidge above 300 hp and 400 Nm (300 lb-ft). It now pumps out extra than double the horsepower and torque, with the 3.-liter unit sending a colossal 700 hp and 850 Nm (625 lb-ft) to the rear wheels.

BMW 335i E91 Touring Unleashes 700 Horsepower On The Autobahn

These output figures place the M3 G81 Touring to shame and support the amped-up wagon go from 100 to 200 km/h (62 to 124 mph) in only six seconds. Flat out, it is equipped to hit the 300-km/h (186-mph) mark with ease, but it is all about in-equipment acceleration relatively than the outright major pace. The odometer shows virtually 230,000 kilometers (nearly 143,00 miles) albeit you wouldn’t always inform it is been driven extensively.

Of system, reliability is often a concern with intensely modded vehicles but that goes with the territory of possessing a stage 3 motor vehicle. People who choose to engage in it harmless and can afford a manufacturer-new BMW can now get the G81 (or settle for the M340i Touring). On the other hand, its starting off selling price is prohibitive, to say the minimum, due to the fact it costs approximately €100,000 in Germany.

An E91 with some mods is a fraction of that rate and seems appreciably better in the course of the overall rpm vary. It all comes down to no matter whether you have the dollars to splurge on an M3 Touring or whether you are courageous enough to purchase a tail-delighted wagon these types of as this E91, knowing one thing could go improper down the line.

Source: AutoTopNL / YouTube