Tata Safari

Tata Safari is the first SUV which has been manufactured and designed entirely in India by the famous Tata Motors. It is an all-terrain vehicle which also boasts powerful 3.0 L commonrail turbo diesel engine assisted by 5 speed manual gearbox. First introduced in 1998, it became very popular among Indians who were keen to try out the first local SUV that not only provided a cheaper alternative to Toyota RAV 4 and Honda CRV, but also offered more space.

VX Model

In 2007, engineers at Tata replaced the original 1.9L engine due to ongoing concerns regarding limited power generation. Soon a modified version of Tata Safari was introduced which contained advanced DiCOR variable turbine technology with a power output of 103KW at 4000 rpm. The new Safari VX model sold successfully throughout India but reviews from international critics were mix. While experts praised its off road capabilities, the noise and somewhat sluggish engine performance in humid conditions provided a less satisfactory driving experience. Still, VX model has continued to be a major success,partially because of stable handling and controlled maneuverability.

New Model

Engineers further enhanced the SUV experience by developing a relatively smaller but more user friendly model, Safari GX. The new model featured a 3000cc engine that is able to generate 85KW at 3000 rpm. In addition, interior amenities like two-tone upholstery and leather seats provided a greater incentive to buy GX version. An upgraded version of GX comes fully equipped with ABS and airbags. Sales were further strengthened with optional features including rear AC vents, reversing camera, dimming lights, front seats headrest and DVD player with LCD monitors. All four wheel drive versions of Tata Safari utilize revolutionary Borg Warner shift-on-the-fly transfer case.

The 2009 version, Safari 2.2 DiCOR VX 4×4, has a displacement of 2179cc with a top speed of 152km/h. It has a ground clearance of 205mm and minimum turning radius of 6 meters which allows it to manage equilibrium when turning sharp corners. This year, designers are also offering a refurbished interior which is claimed to be better than other SUV’s in its class. Features like chrome grill provide a sophisticated look to dark graphite and beige interior trims. The leather combination upholstery, instrument cluster and polished wood trim are a cut above the rest. Likewise exterior looks are enhanced by the addition of full chrome grill, automatic side mirrors and Ferrari silver painted rear wheel cover.