The Prius – A Screaming Teenager Very hot Rod or Hybrid for the Granola Crunching Crowd?

It was the auto, a Prius, not the superstar offender, that grabbed the lime mild and had everybody abuzz. Lately, Al Gore III, son of previous Vice President Al Gore, was arrested for possessing cannabis and rushing about 100 mph on the San Diego Freeway in his Toyota Prius.

Ho hum one more celebrity in difficulty with the legislation. What’s new? A hybrid caught rushing more than 100 mph that’s what.

Speed exams have proven that the new Prius can attain speeds up 103 mph. When compared with other Toyotas this kind of as a Camry which can go up to 130 mph, that is not far too rapidly. Even the Hybrid Camry can go 117 mph.

On the other hand, the Prius is not the slowest car or truck on the road possibly. Car and Driver journal complied figures which demonstrate that the AM Standard Hummer H1 has the top pace of only 88 mph.

The equalizer, however, is the velocity governor that most American cars and trucks should have for liability causes. The governor insures that a car will not go far too quick for its tires. Despite the fact that Pruis tops 103 mph, the governor limitations both the Prius and the Corolla to 112 mph.

There are numerous factors that restrict the Prius hybrid to 103 mph.

Very first, Toyota made a conscious final decision to restrict the Prius velocity to 103 mph. Mike Michels, spokesman for Toyota, stated that the Prius hybrid is capable of heading even a lot quicker. But the auto is velocity limited to 103 mph to stay clear of utilizing up its battery.

He said that “It can go 103 mph indefinitely.” Right until the fuel runs out that is.

Next, Toyota created the Prius to be gasoline effective which leads to it getting considerably less horsepower than a traditional car or truck. A motor vehicle with fewer horsepower will not consume as significantly gas, but will also have fewer velocity.

Hybrids do not essentially have to have considerably less horsepower. The gas motor and electrical motor of a hybrid can be put together to build as considerably horsepower as a common auto. For example, the traditional, 4-cylinder Toyota Camry has 158 horsepower. Whilst the 4-cylinder, Hybrid Camry has 187 horsepower. So, not all hybrid are built for fuel effectiveness.

But, how can the Hybrid Prius attain 103 mph?

Serveral elements occur into participate in. Initial, automotive know-how has raised the speed restrict for all automobiles in typical. Russ Rader, spokesman for Insurance policy Institute for Highway Safety, claimed that if he experimented with to go 100 mph in his 1983 Oldsmobile Delta 88, “It would likely shakes its bolts unfastened.”

2nd, the globalized motor vehicle market place has resulted in bigger driver expectations that the Prius has to fulfill. Some European nations around the world have no speed limit while the rest have greater velocity limits than the US.

Third, for Prius advocates, “Performance is just an additional way to spell functionality.” In otherwords, Toyota optimized the Prius hybrid to have a higher velocity efficiency. They obtained this by aerodynamically developing the motor vehicle to have minimal drag, light bodyweight, and have tires with lower rolling resistance which decreases the friction in between the rubber and the street.

Michels states that the vehicle has all the things that a hotrodder wishes “from aero resistance to rolling resistance, cooling units and the powertrain itself.”

Although it is no assistance to Gore, his arrest has display cased the Prius as a superior pace vehicle to be reckoned with. A poster on wrote “At minimum the bashers can not say the motor vehicle is pokey or sluggish.”