The New Electric powered Supertruck Arrives

Nicely, following his latest shock announcement that such a detail even existed, Elon Musk and Tesla have declared and demonstrated their new electrical “heavy rig” truck.

What does this imply for things like haulage and relocating corporations?

The original announcement

A couple months again, Musk made just one of his well-known “oh, in passing… ” form bulletins. This delivered the news, with all the razzmatazz and drama that may be envisioned of another person declaring “oh, I think it’s going to rain tomorrow“, that he would be shortly exhibiting an all-electrical and superior-tech haulage rig.

Nearly all the market pundits were stunned and enthusiastic. Some have been hugely sceptical that this was attainable in the couple of quick months concerning Musk’s announcement and his goal day for the truck becoming offered to the world.

As standard, Tesla proved individuals latter erroneous – like what was pure theatrics when at the similar time as unveiling the truck, a model new Tesla electric powered supercar appeared from within it – all over again to the shock of just about every person.

On the other hand, let us not chat about the vehicle more listed here!

At the time of crafting (Nov 2017) the truck in quite a few respects has exceeded expectations.


Externally, the tractor and trailer never seem THAT diverse. Certain, there’s some streamlining and that not only increases the aerodynamics but also just would make it look a large amount prettier than most.

It really is actually in the taxi that the huge visible dissimilarities are noticed. Of study course, as you may well anticipate, it is packed with technologies such as cameras, computers and screen screens – including radar. It also will come with armoured glass which apparently would not shatter or crack.

The most apparent difference even though is that the driver’s seat is in the center of the taxi, not to a person facet of it. It really is also exceptional in that the two the driver and passenger can stand upright in the cab.

All items instructed, if you incorporate inner cab visual appeal, this truck looks seriously distinct.


The figures quoted by Tesla have however to be independently confirmed but they include some really staggering promises:

  • 500 miles (805k) amongst recharges
  • Fast recharging know-how
  • -60mph (96kph) in 5 seconds (devoid of trailer). This goes to 20 seconds when pulling a personal loan of 80,000Lbs (about 36,000k).

Of study course, all this will come with zero or up coming to zero emissions.

It seems an beautiful proposition.


As with all items Tesla, their innovation is 2nd to none but sometimes the software and practicality can be worries.

For illustration, Tesla admits that, to put it bluntly, it really is got into a mess with some of its auto production. They’ve extra than cracked the technological innovation and advertising and marketing (folks want their vehicles) but what they’re having difficulties with is the sordid and possibly to them unexciting little bit – i.e. mass production.

So, manufacturing delays and missing targets have become one thing they are practically as renowned for as their innovative ways.

As some are pointing out, the truck is supposed to go into creation in late 2019 but there is little to hand so significantly on figures or even charges. So, there’s a large unknown there.

Many others are pointing out that, possibly a minimal like the authentic Nikola Tesla, they might be jeopardizing a dilution of their focus across much too a lot of radically distinct strains of R&D. The possibility staying that their in general professional affect gets to be degraded, as they’re basically seeking to do too a great deal at the a single time.

Suitable now, Musk appears to be driving ahead wide improvements in domestic electrical power manufacturing, electric powered automobiles, electric street haulage, aviation, trans-continental high-speed tube transportation schemes, orbital and even deep-room journey. There are plainly synergies involving some of these endeavours but some people are questioning whether or not this is all too significantly for any one particular firm or gentleman to continue to keep on leading of.


The entire world is already a better spot for Tesla and Elon Musk. This new truck seems to be aspect of that but it will require to make a authentic effects on the street and in numbers if the company and its principles are to accomplish reliability in this domain.