Spotlight on the 2010 Ford Mustang

One of the most classic and loved cars in all of American history is no doubt the Ford Mustang. Its classic muscle car power and sleek lines have captured the hearts of car lovers for decades. Since its initial release in 1964, Ford knew they had a legend on their hands. Through the years, the Mustang has undergone many design changes but it has held its place on the list of classic American cars.

The Mustang has been in constant production since 1964 but has had many different looks. In 1974, the second generation Mustang was introduced to cope with more strict pollution laws. The Mustang had another overhaul in 1979 and again in 1994. The Mustang released in 1994 was the first major redesign this model had seen. This model had more modern, aerodynamic lines that strayed a bit from its classic muscle car days.

In 2005, Ford introduced another new, completely redesigned Mustang. This model was more reminiscent of its classic muscle car look with boxy, powerful lines. When this new design was unveiled, interest in this classic car peaked. In the times of hybrids and SUV’s, the new Mustang was a sigh of relief for car lovers everywhere. The 2010 redesign of the Mustang was no different and lived up to this car’s legendary status.

The new 2010 Mustang has kept its boxy, muscle car look but has improved the not-so-noticeable features. The first upgrade the new Mustang received was its interior. The 2010 model has more metallic features, including round dials on the dashboard and an optional Ford/Microsoft Sync system. The exterior got a slight facelift and bears a proud resemblance to the 1969 Mustang. It has a cool four-light grille, beveled bumpers on the front and back and a huge hood scoop.

Underneath the hood, there are some obvious improvements as well. The Mustang runs a cold-air system which trims its 0-60 times, but has not increased its power too much. The previous models had about 300 horsepower and the new 2010 model boasts about 315 horsepower. They have increased the car’s redline however, which has gone from 6250 to 6500rpm. The new Mustang also comes with a stiffer suspension and its standard 18-inch tires have increased its handling.

One of the cooler observations that Car and Driver made about the new Mustang is how it manages to be both quiet and loud at the same time. If you don’t rev the engine, road and wind noise is minimal making for a peaceful ride. However, if you feel the need for speed and rev up your V-8 engine, you can hear the power in surround sound, so to speak. Ford has introduced what is called a “sound induction tube” that connects the intake to the cabin of the car. This tube transmits only certain frequencies while restricting air flow – that’s pretty high-tech!

Another great thing about the new Mustang is the fact that even though Ford has made some improvements, they haven’t increased the price much. A base model V-6 Mustang will go for just under $22,000 while a GT will cost you just under $29,000. Gas mileage isn’t too bad either for a sporty ride. It will get you about 15mpg city and 23 highway. Not exactly a “green” car, but not too bad for a car that can give you a powerful, fun, legendary ride. All in all, the new Mustang has gotten great reviews and you can be sure that new customers and loyal Mustang owners alike will be lining up for the new 2010 pony.