Simple Ways to Keep Your Car Pest-Free

Simple Ways to Keep Your Car Pest-FreePests are a huge concern in the USA with more than 14 million households reporting the presence of roaches every year. When it comes to finding a home, however, pests do not discriminate which is why thousands of car owners also report infestations on a yearly basis. Apart from being unsightly and somewhat creepy, a roach or rat infestation can also cause a considerable amount of damage to the car. Although there are many effective ways to be pest-free and deal with an infestation, prevention is always better than cure. Here are three things you can do to keep an infestation at bay.

Keep Your Car Clean

One of the easiest ways to prevent pests from infesting your car, is by keeping it clean.  In addition to washing and polishing the exterior of your car, also give the interior a regular deep clean. Start by taking out all the mats and then vacuuming the entire interior, paying special attention to any crevices and cracks where food crumbs and other particles can collect. Don’t forget to clean and disinfect your dashboard too as crumbs and spills can, in addition to attracting pests, result in potentially harmful bacteria growth too. Cupholders and door panels should be next on your to-do list followed by the windows. Finally, you should take out your seats and give them a proper clean to rid them of dust, crumbs, and other substances that can make your car look increasingly inviting to nearby pests.

Don’t Eat in the Car

Food particles of any nature can lure a number of pests into your car. Regardless of how careful you are when you eat, chances are a few crumbs will fall into the crevices of your car anyway, serving as a convenient food source for roaches, mice, and other pests. If you cannot avoid eating or drinking in the car, it is important to develop a few good habits. This includes taking out any coffee cups or food containers every time you leave the car and vacuuming up any crumbs. Simply not eating in the car is, however, a better option as most pests don’t need much encouragement to move in. When an infestation does occur, fumigating your car may be the best option to get rid of invasive pests. Although it is somewhat of an invasive pest control method, it is very effective at getting rid of roaches, ants, spiders, fleas, and even rodents.

Keep Doors and Windows Closed

The more difficult you make it for pests to enter your car, the easier it is to ward off an infestation. When you leave your car, even just for a short while, make sure your windows and doors are closed properly. You can also close your vents to prevent bugs from gaining entry to your car that way. Try to avoid parking near trees where spiders, bees, and other bugs may be concentrated. Also steer clear of trash cans as they are often frequented by roaches and rodents that won’t think twice about moving into your warm, safe car. You can reduce the risk of an infestation even further by making sure your garage is clean and pest-free at all times.

Pest infestations in cars are almost as common as home infestations. If you do notice an infestation, it is important to take action right away as insects and rodents can both cause expensive damage to a car if they are left to roam free.