Si3D Cerabide – A Revolution In Sealant Technology From Nanolex

It is often enjoyable to see a new detailing solution occur onto the scene from a single of your favorite models. So, when Nanolex educated us about Si3D Cerabide, we could not wait to see the final results.

Nanolex Si3D Cerabide

Nanolex are famed for manufacturing best-high quality ceramic coatings. The initial Si3D continues to be as popular as ever. This applies to the professional and fanatic option, thanks in part to the relieve of software, breathtaking effectiveness and remarkable durability.

Nanolex Si3D Cerabide

Si3D Cerabide – A New Stage of Surface area hardness

The marked distinction with Nanolex Si3D Cerabide is thanks to a new blend of ingredients developing a entire world 1st in detailing. Polysilazane-based “ceramic” or “glass” coatings have been a important portion of company at Nanolex. Their purpose is to proceed earning strides in this kind of a speedy-paced market, generally trying to be forward of the recreation.

Nanolex Si3D Cerabide delivers a accurate revolution in its discipline, as we see the introduction of 3D-Si-Carbide Matrix strengthened with functionalized hybrid natural/inorganic, good, particles. It’s a little bit of a mouthful. In essence this first-at any time inclusion means Si3D Cerabide provides a true revolution in various departments including, hydrophobicity with a get hold of angle of 105° continually, scratch resistance & scratch filling ability, as well as the elevated durability of 75,000 KM+.

Nanolex Si3D Cerabide

Effortless & Forgiving Software Process

Just to increase to the unbelievable offer Nanolex Si3D Cerabide presents, a person of the most eye-catching characteristics is how straightforward and forgiving this ceramic coating is to work with. We have witnessed at initially hand how uncomplicated Si3D Cerabide is to use. Buff it comfortably absent from the area in the conventional way, even if still left on the panel for a extended interval of time than you would generally allow.

We believe that Nanolex Si3D Cerabide could be a person of the most significant products and solutions to arrive on to the detailing current market in recent occasions. The consolation at which the products can be taken care of in a qualified studio is hugely beneficial.

Nanolex Si3D Cerabide is obtainable to get completely in the Uk from Supreme Finish – consider a look at what the item has to present via the limited online video clip under.

Nanolex Si3D Cerabide Ceramic Coating Strengthened With Functionalised Hybrid Good Particles

Nanolex Si3D Cerabide £119.00

The world’s very first ever 3D-Si-Carbide Matrix strengthened products, made up of functionalised hybrid natural/inorganic solid particles. Si3D Cerabide delivers an unrivalled hardness to surfaces. It will fill scratches on paintwork and also add resistance to long term scratching.

Ceramic Sealant Software Has Hardly ever Been Much easier

New car protection has hardly ever been less complicated with this sealant. Any gentle scratching, holograms or marring will only be filled by Si3D Cerabide, supplying you a high gloss finish. With effortless software and the additional advantage of high location removing hrs right after software, application time is swift.

Gone through the whole equipment polishing detailing method? Reward from the excess hardness located in the Carbide aspects located inside the Si-Matrix.

  • The very first ever ceramic sealant containing si-carbide
  • Normally takes the depth of vehicle paintwork colour to new amounts
  • Will actively fill scratches
  • Unrivalled scratch resistance
  • Suitable for application on all painted surfaces, rims & difficult plastic components
  • Unbelievably straightforward to apply (even when left on the surface area for a prolonged period)
  • Calls for only a single layer of application to get to optimum probable
  • Up to 75,000KM sturdiness
  • Excessive hydrophobicity with a get in touch with angle of 105°+
  • Made tested & generated in Germany
  • Practically VOC free of charge & acceptable for shipping worldwide as classed as non-hazardous

Nanolex EX New From £16.95

Si3D Cerabide bonds to the surface area of a auto. Freeing surfaces of everything that may possibly reduce the coating from bonding, Nanolex Ex presents a non-abrasive cleansing agent formulation which will cautiously take away any unwanted oils, polish residue, fillers, fats or other contaminants to make certain surfaces are best well prepared. Nanolex EX correctly-prepares surfaces prepared for Nanolex car detailing sealants or identical alternate options to carry out to their highest.

Nanolex EX New
  • Expert motor vehicle detailing paint planning product or service
  • Straightforward flash-on, flash-off application
  • Gets rid of oils, polish residue, fillers, dust, fingerprints etc
  • Prepares surfaces for the sealant or wax phase enabling a truer bond to surfaces

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