Nigeria: Introduction To Multinationals Companies (MNCs) – III

The environment and economy of Nigeria has changed tremendously as the activities of these MNCs cut across the fact of the Nigerian sectors: finance, banking, industrial, manufacturing, telecommunication, power, etc.

The problem, however, arises when the MNCs changed their attitude towards the friendly citizens of Nigeria who afterward continue to ask themselves if they were the ones existing and operating before and what these MNCs are really are: blessing or curse. Government too has over the years tries as much as possible to come out with all manners of policies, laws and regulations against exploitation and violation of human rights of the citizenry and as well guard the activities and excesses of the MNCs that have turned to become masquerade or monster in the land that all people are afraid of.

The impact that has been made and which is still being made by the MNCs in Nigeria cannot be overlooked. They remained vibrant and strong in our society. SHELL Oil Company, being one of the oil-producing companies in Nigeria has been subject of debate among Nigerians and elites as its activities and operations are being criticized and condemned. Looking at the situation of things in the country since the evolution of MNCs in Nigeria, one could be made to give a subjective or an objective conclusion about the MNCs, especially the oil-producing ones and if they have been operating peacefully in the past and contributing to the realization of the Nigeria’s dream or vision.

The question now is, ‘what causes the sudden changes?’ If Nigerians and the Nigerian government decide to say ‘bye-bye’ to the MNCs in Nigeria, what should be the fate of the people and if all should fold their hands or close their eyes to the operations, activities and excesses of the MNCs, what would be the end-result and the resultant effect on both the economy and environment?’ The situation is problematic!

The fact that has to be pointed out, however, is the role being played by MNCs in our economy which cannot be overemphasized. They have been playing significant roles in our nation’s economic, industrial and commercial sectors. Hardly is there any country where such MNCs are not found. Good examples of the notable MNCs across the globe are Apple Computers, Bombardier, Dell, General Motors, Halliburton, Hearst Corporation, Honda, Motorola, Nokia, Nissan, Pepsi, Exxon, Fiat, Ford, Shell, Nestle, Toyota, Sony, Toshiba, etc. just to mention but a few.

In all, MNCs are breaking barriers to international trade and making more goods and services available to those places that are least expected.