Mobile Tower Lease Costs

What are the mobile tower lease fees where by your probable cellular site is situated? Analyzing mobile site lease fees is complicated due to the fact there just isn’t much comparative knowledge available to the general public. What we can tell you about mobile lease fees is that the cellular carriers are all attempting to preserve income, and they are not shelling out as considerably as they used to fork out for rooftop and tower rentals a handful of several years back.

Landlords and property house owners are ordinarily contacted by the carriers through third get together site acquisition leasing corporations who are paid for determining web pages and finding a lease signed at a new mobile tower web-site. They are compensated on the rental rate and the phrases that they can negotiate. The much better the terms for the provider, the much more prospective the leasing guide has for building a more substantial reward. Translated, the even worse the deal is that they shove down your throat, the far more income they make. If they convey to you they are not paid out on a schedule that rewards them for providing you a lessen lease amount they are lying. The provider leasing businesses are also compensated rates for turning a lease around quickly.

So if you’ve got been contacted to put a cell tower on your assets or antennas on your rooftop the clock is ticking in opposition to you. You need to have to evaluate the present and figure out if the provide they gave you is a truthful one particular, mediocre a person, or a very low ball stinkin’ poor offer you. You also require to figure out if the wi-fi carrier has any other options where they can go in your neighborhood which would be a better site. That will figure out the volume of leverage you have in the negotiation. You have to have to reply to them and you are just about always at a substantial drawback. And they know that.

Of program, you can negotiate what looks to be a excellent offer on its deal with, and continue to stop up with a pet of a deal if the you don’t pay back close awareness to the telecom leasing conditions and the bewildering language. Prospects are you are not a telecommunications legalese skilled, and neither is your serious estate lawyer. Cell tower leasing prices vary from county to county in a condition. In 2009 we negotiated quite a few cell web-site leases with the similar provider in the New York Metropolis Metropolitan Location, and the leases negotiated varied from $1,500 for each thirty day period to $3,000 per month. The big difference in cost had a great deal to do with wireless ordinances and poor protection in a crucial location.

Below are samples of some current mobile tower lease prices we have viewed available initially to landlords in a variety of sections of the state for tower leases and rooftop leases:

• New Jersey, T-Cellular $1,500
• New Jersey, Clearwire $1,100
• New Jersey, T-Cellular $1,250
• New Jersey, Verizon Wireless, $1,650
• New York, Metro PCS $1,300
• Pennsylvania, AT&T $750
• Pennsylvania, Verizon Wireless $600
• Virginia, AT&T $500
• Los Angeles, T-Cellular $1,300
• Houston, TX Clearwire $900
• San Diego, California $1,400 T-Cellular

The cell tower leases made available to assets entrepreneurs are seriously tilted in favor of the carriers and are much too burdensome for some. Even so in lifestyle and in the wireless leasing game there are two varieties of landlords, the swift and the dead. You should not get killed by the carriers on your cell tower leases. They have employed guns to get them the very best deal feasible. Shouldn’t you?