Jeep Pick Trac NP 242 Transfer Scenario Details

The Select Trac selection on the Jeep Cherokee will get you the New Approach NP 242 transfer case. This transfer case offers the following operating modes: 2wd, 4wd with the heart differential open up, 4wd with the heart differential locked, neutral, and 4wd lower range (center differential locked)

The addition of a heart differential is the principal distinction between the NP 242 and the NP 231 or Command Trac transfer case. Without a differential, the 231 transfer scenario gives only element time 4 wheel travel mode.

The NP 242 transfer case Entire time mode opens the heart differential allowing for the entrance and rear axles to rotate at different speeds although still currently being connected by the transfer case. The end with the minimum traction will get the most torque. Even though this method might have some down sides off street the place a wheel might loose make contact with with the floor, it has the gain of staying usable on all paved surfaces. Section Time method – with the middle differential locks can only be used on loose or slick surfaces with out attainable injury to the transfer case.

I use full time mode on moist streets, hard packed gravel or dust, some snow and ice circumstances and on dry pavement when total acceleration without the need of wheel spin is attractive. I use component time method on loose gravel, dirt, grass and any off street scenario. I use Aspect time manner when RallyCross racing as properly.

I use small assortment for extra handle in off street scenarios or on tough gravel roadways when traveling downhill to stay away from abnormal use of the brakes. I also usually use low assortment when positioning my trailer or other towed devices when precision placement is necessary.

The NP 242 transfer circumstance can be switched among 2wd and either 4wd method at any velocity only by going the lever. The swap to very low array should be built at pretty reduced speed – the Jeep manual suggests 3 mph.

One popular running problem with the 242 transfer scenario is that it will stick in 4wd even if the lever is moved to 2wd. Internally, transferring the lever loads a spring which then applies pressure to shift the selector fork. If the gears are loaded with torque, the spring will not have adequate energy to shift the sleeve off the gears. The moment torque is removed from the gears, the spring will then shift the fork and slide the sleeve of the gears.

Momentarily lifting your foot off the gasoline will normally unload the gears sufficient to permit the spring strain to go the fork. On some substantial mileage models, a put on groove will type on the sleeve or equipment causing it to stick for a longer period and may call for a couple of changes from loaded to unloaded to get the sleeve to release variety the equipment.

The Jeep NP 242 is lubricated with Computerized Transmission fluid. The stage is checked by eradicating the upper of the two substantial plugs on the back of the circumstance. The fluid must be level with the higher plug.

The NP 242 has a slip yoke on the tail shaft. If the drive shaft is weakened or taken out, fluid will be shed out the tail shaft. Also this seal is essential to sustain in fantastic condition to reduce fluid decline.

The NP 242 is a extremely flexible transfer scenario and is my choice for 3 of my 5 Jeeps. The entire time selection will get frequent use in all of them.