ITEC Anatomy and Physiology Past Papers – Sample Questions

ITEC Anatomy and Physiology past papers can be very difficult to find as ITEC do not allow the distribution of sample exam papers. But it is essential to have sample questions when you are revising for your exams.

ITEC use the format of multiple choice questions on all of their theory papers so these are the type of questions that you should use during your studies.

As there are a lot of body systems to cover under ITEC Anatomy and Physiology it is advisable to review each chapter as it is completed in class. One excellent way of doing this is to use your revision questions. Some examples include;

01. The supratrochlear nodes are located;
a) Behind the ears
b) Armpits
c) Behind the knees
d) Elbows – Answer

02. What is the centre of the nerve cell?
a) Synapse
b) Axon
c) Cell body – Answer
d) Neurilemma

03. The stomach is responsible for which type of digestion?
a) Protein digestion – Answer
b) Fat digestion
c) Carbohydrate digestion
d) Fat and carbohydrate digestion

04. Nephritis is a term which describes;
a) Inflammation of the bladder
b) Inflammation of the gall bladder
c) Inflammation of the kidney – Answer
d) Inflammation of the pelvis

So, for example you finish learning The Skeletal System. To revise it, take a number of multiple choice questions each day and learn them, about 20-30 questions. Repeat this for 4-5 days and then at the end, give yourself a test on what you have covered.

Continue this method with each of the remaining 11 body systems and you will start to see a huge improvement in your test scores.