iPod FM Transmitter – Music Every Where, All The Time

“Why do we need an iPod FM transmitter?” is a question that is asked very often by tech-savvy music freaks. Well, there is probably no one-word or one-sentence answer to this question. It rather needs a somehow elaborate explanation. In fact, the best thing about an iPod is that it is portable; you can take it with you without feeling disturbed. So, it provides you with music on the go minus the hassles of carrying a large device.

An iPod is hardly larger than a deck of cards, yet it can store thousands of songs or audio books and lets you take them wherever you go. By virtue of its strong rechargeable battery, it continues to play on hours after hours. But the easily portable quality of the iPod can lead you to a problem ─ you can get so addicted to it that you would want it to be with you every where you go. Then how can you take your tunes along when you drive your car?

If you are fortunate to have a BMW, you can surely “iPod your BMW” as it is your special privilege because of the tie-ups between BMW and Apple. But what about those who are not fortunate enough to own the latest model BMW? Well, they do not need to give way to despair. They can use an iPod FM Transmitter and take delight from non-stop music. The market offers a good variety of transmitters to choose from.

The iPod FM Transmitter is a small, chic device specially designed to be used with certain models of Apple iPod. The compatible models include the 1st and 2nd generation iPod nano, 5G iPod with video, iPod mini, iPod Photo and 4G iPod. This device is very simple to use. You have to plug the FM Transmitter into the dock connector of your iPod. Then it will wirelessly connect to your car or home stereo, ready to play your favourite tunes.