Hooniverse Asks: What car is indicative of a place?

I was on trip past 7 days. My wife and I landed somewhere and as before long as I observed the parade of related autos, it was an automotive reminder of exactly where we traveled. On the roads, the majority of automobiles appeared to be Jeep Wranglers, as properly as the convertible edition of the Mustang and the Camaro. We were being in Hawaii and the rental motor vehicle procession designed that just as crystal clear as our crumpled boarding passes from a long flight and the beautiful surroundings.

At our lodge, which appeared not toward the ocean but in the direction of the West Maui mountains, I could search down into the parking area for our lodge. I chuckled as I famous at minimum 8 Wranglers parked following to every other. An occasional Mustang or Camaro broke up the bevy of box-formed roofs.

The non-rental motor vehicles on the island are ordinarily of the Toyota wide variety. I have seen a reasonable bit of Tesla products, a smattering of Hyundais, and a single supremely superb Mini.

What are some other autos that are indicative of a area? Or what are some spots that remind you of a given motor vehicle?

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