God Is Not Dead

This is the Scientific Age. Man wants proof for everything. Even for the existence of God!

But God is beyond proof. Scientists like Newton believed God. But in this modern age when we are able to explain everything, could it be possible to prove the existence of God.

Toward the end of 19th century, the philosopher Nietzsche declared through one of his fictional characters that ‘God is dead’.

Now based on Quantum Science some scientists are trying to prove the existence of God. One such person is Amit Goswami. He is a theoretical nuclear physicist and member of The University of Oregon Institute for Theoretical Physics since 1968.

Goswami very strongly believes that the existence of God could be settled by scientific evidence. He claims already it is in God’s favor.

The book has five parts, Introduction, The evidence for downward causation, The evidence for the subtle bodies, Downward causation revisited and Quantum Activism.

He offers two kind of evidence namely ‘the quantum signatures of the divine’ and ‘subtle domains of reality’.

Mental events are acting to cause physical events. This is known as downward causation.

An architect who would like to build a house will start with an idea first and then he would make a blue print of the idea. Then he will start the work.

Similarly now we are able to see the idea of God via Supramental (Body of Laws) and then the blueprint via vital body. The physical body is His work.

The author gives a number of examples based on scientific evidence to prove his point that God Exists. He shows that all the sciences – physics, biology, psychology and medicine – need the hypothesis of downward causation.

Once Dalai Lama was asked if there was any scientific research that would ever prompt him to give up his Buddhist beliefs about spirituality. To this Dalai Lama replied that if scientists could ever prove that reincarnation never happens, he might change his mind.

But Stevenson has collected a lot of evidence in proof of reincarnation.

The author himself was invited to join a group of scientists at a conference in Dharma Sala, India in 1999.

The 30 or so scientists presented his or her ideas to the venerable Dalai Lama. The conference was aimed at integrating science and spirituality.

In order to find out God one has to give up materialistic view and adopt the path of Karma Yoga, doing good without expecting the result there of.

The book has been written in a lucid style, so that even an ordinary reader could understand our origins and how we should live. Number of anecdotes are interwoven to explain the principles of quantum physics.

Amit Goswami has a knack of explaining things simply. That is his plus point.

Those who believe God, for them no explanation is necessary. Atheists who do not believe God will never accept Him even after getting enough evidence. So this book is for the people who would strengthen their belief once they get new ideas based on scientific evidence.

I very strongly recommend this book for all the people, believers, non-believers and truth seekers. The book is published by Jaico Publishing House, Mumbai, India.