Ford Fiesta (2008 to 2017) | Expert Rating


The Ford Fiesta is a small supermini-class hatchback, available in both three- and five-door body styles. This is the former sixth-generation version which was launched in 2008, facelifted in 2013, and replaced by the current Fiesta iteration in 2017.

Popular with both the media and the public, the previous Fiesta generation received a wide array of excellent review scores, and was the UK’s best-selling car every single year from its launch to its retirement. Its successor model has never managed to match the popularity of this generation.

“It has it all”, Lesley Harris of Auto Express explained, “great looks, amazing driving attributes and a healthy regard for your pocket.” The Fiesta was frequently highlighted for the value-for-money it offered UK buyers, the Carbuyer team adding that it was “easy to park and frugal to run” too.

Most reviewers agreed that the Ford was more fun on the road than key rivals like the Vauxhall Corsa and Volkswagen Polo, but Carwow asserted that the Fiesta struggled to match the infotainment and interior quality standards of such rivals towards the end of its time on sale, citing the car’s “scratchy, cheap-feeling plastics” and “microscopic” screens.

Production ended in 2017 when it was replaced by the current model. However, the sixth-generation Ford Fiesta still holds an Expert Rating of 77%, based on 41 reviews published by the British motoring media.

Fiesta highlights

  • Fun to drive
  • Great value-for-money package
  • Low running costs
  • Refined engines

Fiesta lowlights

  • Rivals offered better infotainment
  • Interior became rather dated during its lifespan
  • Not much rear headroom
  • Top-spec engine felt underpowered

Key specifications

Body style: Small hatchback
petrol, diesel

Launched: Winter 2008/09
Last updated: Spring 2013
Replaced: Autumn 2017

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Safety rating

Independent crash test and safety ratings from Euro NCAP

Adult protection: 91%
Child protection: 86%
Vulnerable road users: 65%
Safety assist: 71%

Notes on safety rating

The sixth-generation Ford Fiesta was originally crash tested by Euro NCAP upon its launch in 2008, and was awarded a five-star rating.

The facelifted model was tested in 2012 and again awarded a five-star rating against Euro NCAP’s upgraded testing criteria. However, this rating expired in January 2019 and is no longer valid as the car no longer met the standards required for such a rating. This is normal practice, as Euro NCAP reviews its ratings on most cars annually and most ratings expire after about six or seven years.

However, if you are comparing a used Ford Fiesta to vehicles of similar age, whose ratings will have probably also expired, its safety rating score is still useful.

Eco rating

Independent economy and emissions ratings from Green NCAP

No eco rating

The sixth-generation Ford Fiesta was not lab tested by Green NCAP as its entire production life pre-dated the launch of Green NCAP in 2018.

Reliability rating

MotorEasy logo 600x167

Reliability data provided exclusively for The Car Expert by MotorEasy

All data based on MotorEasy average workshop costs for extended car warranty claims

The Ford Fiesta has a reliability score of 58%, which is barely above average. This applies to all Fiesta models in MotorEasy’s database, which includes this model as well as newer (2017 onwards) and older (pre-2008) generations.

The most common Fiesta warranty claims relate to suspension issues, but these are relatively inexpensive to fix on average, costing less than £200. Gearbox repairs are generally the most expensive claim by a considerable margin, with an average repair bill of about £1,600, but fortunately these are relatively rare.

The average repair cost for Ford Fiesta warranty claims is just under £600, which is quite a bit more than the cost of a used car warranty, so it’s certainly worth considering. If you’re looking at a used Fiesta, make sure any extended warranty cover you purchase covers all of these potential problem areas.


Trophies, prizes and awards that the Ford Fiesta has received.


  • AM Awards Used Car of the Year
  • BusinessCar Awards – Best Mainstream Supermini


  • Auto Express Awards – Best Supermini
  • The Telegraph Motoring Awards – Car of the Year
  • What Car? Awards – Best Small Car


  • Women’s World Car of the Year


  • CAP Awards – Used Car of the Year
  • Carbuyer Awards – Best Small Car
  • Diesel Car Magazine AwardsUsed Car of the Year
  • Women’s World Car of the Year


  • Auto Express Awards – Best Supermini


  • Auto Express Awards – Best Supermini + Car of the Year
  • Red Dot Design Award
  • What Car? AwardsCar of the Year

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