EV RANGE TEST: 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Takes Down Rivian R1T

EV RANGE TEST: 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Takes Down Rivian R1T

The more substantial battery pack isn’t going to just come with range positive aspects, by the way it also decides the ability output of your Lightning. The regular-pack vehicles deliver 452 horsepower and a massive 775 lb-ft of torque, so no shame there. Even so, the extended-range battery bumps peak output to 580 hp (the 775 lb-ft continues to be unchanged). That kind of electricity scooted our large Platinum check truck to 60 mph in 4 seconds flat at our check monitor. Bruh …

But we’re concentrating on selection right here. The EPA projects a selection of 300 miles for the Platinum F-150 (320 miles for the XLT and Lariat versions with the much larger battery pack), which is right there with the Rivian’s formal 314-mile estimate. Now, we’ve already witnessed the Rivian validate its EPA variety estimate, albeit by a hair. Would the electron-juiced F-150 follow accommodate? Would it at any time!

Tests the F-150 Lightning in the serious world

Edmunds tests each and every new electric car on the exact genuine-environment driving loop to see just how much it can journey from a total charge down to zero miles remaining. If you scroll via our EV vary leaderboard, you will see that most EVs have matched or exceeded their EPA array estimates in our testing. Much of that has to do with our skill to exam in in the vicinity of-suitable disorders year-round.

Our leading-shelf 2022 F-150 Lightning Platinum ($93,509 as tested, while the 2022s are bought out and a equivalent 2023 will operate you $99,609) automatically checks just about each individual selection box out there, in addition to owning the larger sized battery pack as common. The only two selections on our window sticker were the Max Recline seats and the bedliner. Even though we will not doubt the more equipment and luxuries in the Platinum tack on some body weight, we suspect the greater 22-inch wheels and tires are to blame for the EPA’s reduce selection and efficiency estimates as opposed to those people for the XLT and Lariat.

On exam day, we inflated those pizza-tray-sized wheels to the factory-proposed pressures of 42 psi and rolled the Lightning onto the scales, recording an official weight of 6,871 lbs .. In circumstance it’s not obvious, which is hefty. It is really nearly 1,100 kilos extra than what the Edmunds’ extended-time period F-150 Hybrid weighed in at, though still lighter that our dimensionally more compact Rivian R1T Start Version, which tipped the scales at 7,069 pounds — carrying a overall of 4 electrical motors will do that to a truck.

We used several several hours at the helm our 2022 Lightning with a a little sweaty higher lip many thanks to an average ambient temperature of 81 levels (that’s scorching for us), and in the finish we would logged a complete of 332 GPS-verified miles, about 10 miles additional than what we noticed on the Lightning’s onboard excursion meter. That’s a whopping 32 miles more than the EPA estimate, netting out to a 10.7% enhancement.

Remarkably, the Lightning’s 332-mile efficiency pips both of those of the Launch Edition Rivian R1Ts we have examined, the very first at 317 miles on 21-inch wheels and the second (our extensive-time period test truck) at 323 miles on its 20-inch wheels with all-terrain tires. Which is ideal — an F-150 stuffed with battery cells just took down the Rivian R1T. Effectively played, Ford. Well played.