Decode That Tag

I was a short while ago questioned how to decode a Yenko Camaro vin tag, and the sincere real truth is that it’s no various from any other Camaro vin tag, Yenko Chevrolet modifies the Camaros at their dealership, so you see, a Yenko Tremendous Camaro would have a frequent Camaro vin code these types of as 124379N345145, so by the vin you would know that the auto was a Chevrolet indicated by the number “1” and that it was a Camaro indicated by the range “2” and that it was a two doorway coupe indicated by the quantity “37” and that it is a 1969 Product indicated by the “9” and that it was created in Norwood California indicated by the “N” and something after the “N” is the line number or serial selection id you want this would notify you that this certain motor vehicle was the 345,145 TH auto built in 1969.

All Camaro vin numbers are quite typical like this in an hard work to make them easy to decode, now to obtain out if it’s a Yenko Camaro that your looking at you could glimpse at the RPO code found on the passenger side of the motor on a machined pad just in entrance of the head, now just as a warning these quantities have been acknowledged to be re-stamped to say that their anything that their not, so this is exactly where you require to be careful and match this number to the block casting selection positioned at the back of the engine on the driver aspect, and the bell housing flange, and this selection are not able to be re-stamped, so of the RPO code does not match this amount, I would not buy the car or truck.

I have put in a large amount of time finding out how the vin codes, and the RPO codes, and casting numbers all perform together to inform you what the motor vehicle is, and what it must be, and if you look at these codes, and make guaranteed that is your hunting for a manufacturing unit Camaro, or a specific Camaro like a Yenko Camaro, that you shell out shut complete consideration to what these figures are telling you, you almost certainly will not get ripped off on your buy, you should not next guess these figures as you match them up, if they convey to you that it is really not a genuine Yenko, then it is really not.

The Yenko Camaros had a manufacturing facility horsepower rating of 425 HP, and if people quantities don’t explain to you that it’s a 425 HP 427 CID engine, then it’s greatest that you steer in the opposite path of this invest in, make confident that these numbers tell you that it had the suitable transmission in it, the Yenko Camaros had been all bought with a common transmission, and it was a Muncie M-22 rock crusher, if the quantities on the motor vehicle will not tell you that this is what is actually in the car, you should not purchase it.