Clear Lights – Adding Mods to Your Ride

Adding modifications, such as installing clear lights to your turn signals, LED Bulbs to your headlights and clear tail lights to the back of your car really shows love and appreciation for your car. Even if it’s something extremely simple that only takes a little time to do, it shows that you want your car to look dope.

Some people may even go so far to say that the style and taste of your ride reflects the image of you and your personality. Check out the people who buy flashy, expensive rides, the do this because they’ve had a taste of success and decided to enjoy it. Usually the people that add touches to their vehicle are also creative people as well.

When you’re adding mods to your car, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to follow the same trends as everybody else. The trends in Asian countries have been coming to North America. Some of the mods do look good on these vehicles, but I find several cars that has taken this style and made their car look stupid.

Stay true to your style and your ride. Be sure to follow these rules:

Know your car. Make sure you have a full understanding of where it’s from, origins, style, etc. If you have an Asian built car, adding muscle car modifications would best stupid as hell, wouldn’t it?

Also don’t go overboard with the modifications. Keep it simple and remember more doesn’t always look better.

Most car enthusiasts respect performance of looks. Never give up performance for looks, but I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that.

Also find modifications that are from the vehicles heritage. If you own an American car, find modifications that are based in America.

Also be sure to know your limits. Some cars already look killer without modifications. Only adding a couple new things to your ride will still make the car look good.

If your ride has more flashy modifications than horsepower, then people are going to goof on your ride.