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How To Remove Water Spots From Your Car For Less than $10

It never seems to fail: your freshly detailed car gets wet in the rain and suddenly you can see every drop that sprayed on it, glaring at you as though it was a crime scene. There's nothing more frustrating than seeing the seeming scuffs of rain or snow on your car. Thankfully there's a couple of ways to get rid of those unseemly weather spots marring your pristine paint job. We'll discuss those two options in this conversation on how to remove water spots from car.

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How Long Can You Drive On A Spare Tire?

We don’t pay much attention to the spare tires we have in the dark corners of our trunks or the back of our cars unless we meet problems and need them. They can surely save the day. However, we need to understand that using these spare tires are not made for extended service.

They don’t have a tread belt to protect it from the bumps and surface imperfections you meet on the road, and the carcass of the tire is not reinforced. Some things need to put into consideration.

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7 Symptoms Of Faulty Fuel Pressure Regulator You Need To Be Aware Of

You’re having fun with your family or friends, getting the holiday’s time-out for work or school. “This will be a very good vacation ahead,” you tell yourself. But just when you’re already half near at the destination, your car starts shaking and vwomp! It immediately stops.

While a lot would associate this with a tire problem, this might be caused by bad or a problematic fuel pressure regulator.

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