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what causes a car to overheat

What Causes A Car To Overheat?

As a driver, there are certain things that could happen to your car while you're on the road and sometimes it could be the worst feeling ever because you're in a hurry and you have to pull over. One of these scenarios that I'm sure you're all familiar with is when the engine is too hot.

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wheel bearing noise

Easy Way On How To Check Your Wheel Bearing

When you go to a car repair shop, your mechanic will almost always say that you need a wheel bearing and end up gazing at the stars, curious about what is it. What does a wheel bearing do to your car? What does a wheel bearing noise have to do with its life span? 

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how to use jack stands

How To Properly Use Jack Stands in 9 Easy Steps

There are a lot of unfortunate events about men being crushed under their cars. It's such a horrific accident especially if the cause is the lack of safety. These accidents involved using a jack for holding the car and not jack stands, or the improper use of jack stands while doing repair.

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How To Clean A Throttle Body: Tips And Techniques

​Does your engine stumble upon acceleration?

Is it also rough? Is your Check Engine light on? Then you might have problems with your throttle body. In this case, you should clean it right away. If you don't clean it right away, it might lead to other problems that will make your engine function improperly.

The problem is, you don’t know how to clean a throttle body. You don’t know whether to clean it manually, or even do it yourself. You don’t have to worry because in this article I will help you by creating a step by step guide on cleaning a throttle body.

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9 Symptoms of Bad Steering Power

If your steering wheel is stiff, the power steering belt has damaged, or if you hear some squealing noises, there are fluid leaks and others, then you should replace your power steering pump. If you just currently acquired a vehicle and doesn’t know these things, you might always ask yourself “what’s happening in my card and what to do with it”?

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