Best Touch Screen Car Stereo

Top 5 Best Touch Screen Car Stereo and Things You Need To Consider

Touch screen car stereos have been making their own mark in the customers’ music experience. If you are planning to buy one, I’m sure you are confused by the tons of brands available in the market. Read through, as you will be provided with helpful things about this equipment and our top 5 best picks.

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best jack stands

Top 5 Best Jack Stands for Your Car and How to Choose Them

One of the best tools you could use when you lift your car, either for repair or maintenance is to use floor jacks. However, this may not be enough. Floor jacks tend have moving parts and tend to become weak or worst fail when it has been used in a long time.

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How To Clean A Throttle Body: Tips And Techniques

​Does your engine stumble upon acceleration?

Is it also rough? Is your Check Engine light on? Then you might have problems with your throttle body. In this case, you should clean it right away. If you don't clean it right away, it might lead to other problems that will make your engine function improperly.

The problem is, you don’t know how to clean a throttle body. You don’t know whether to clean it manually, or even do it yourself. You don’t have to worry because in this article I will help you by creating a step by step guide on cleaning a throttle body.

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9 Symptoms of Bad Steering Power

If your steering wheel is stiff, the power steering belt has damaged, or if you hear some squealing noises, there are fluid leaks and others, then you should replace your power steering pump. If you just currently acquired a vehicle and doesn’t know these things, you might always ask yourself “what’s happening in my card and what to do with it”?

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best car air fresheners

Top 5: What Is The Best Car Air Fresheners On The Market?

Can you imagine having a car without spraying car air freshener? If you always bring food inside the car or other products that have an odor, it's important to keep the car space fresh for the comfort of everyone especially if you have guests riding with you. If you also smoke, the odor will stay longer in the car if you don’t do anything about it. Your car will smell like an ashtray. Who wants to sit for a long drive in a smelly car right?

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