Top 5 Best Car Speakers and the Things You Need to Consider

Having car speakers attached in your car is another good mobile experience you can have. It has been enjoyed by people all around the globe.


Vehicles originally had one speaker on the dashboard, and one of the effects of technological advancements, is to make you have amplified multiple speakers in your car.

Shopping for car speakers can be very overwhelming and confusing because of the variety of sizes, power, cost, feature, and the list goes on.

Fret not, because we would give you the all-in-one guide on how to choose the right speakers that is fitting and efficient!

In buying the right car speakers, you need to consider the following:


Product Name

Our Rating


Kicker DS65 6.5” Coax Speakers


Infinity Reference 6032CF 2-Way Car Speakers


Alpine SPS-610C 2-Way Car Speakers


JBL GTO628 2-Way Car Speakers


Jaras JJ-2646 3-Way Car Speakers

The system


Sensitivity is measured by decibels (dB) and it indicates the loudness of the speakers produced sound. It is determined by a non-echoing environment. Some of the manufacturers give specifications on sensitivity while others don’t. It is always better to check.


Power handling is measured by watts (W) and it indicates the system capacity to handle power. Problems caused by power faulties can cause damage and accidents. When your speaker needs more power than the watts your location’s electricity provides, this would damage to your new device.


In buying, you need to consider your financial capability. While expensive speakers may give you the very best sound quality, they may not be that necessary than other things, and a simple, mediocre and inexpensive speakers would suffice. This is being practical. There are more important things that need to be saving for. But if you have the money, why settle for less?


Configuring means looking for information not just from the boxes you see on the new speakers in the market, but also from the ones you had in your car. They can be your guide for choosing a replacement. Don’t be shy to ask bringing with you the specifications you have in your old one, most of them could provide you specifications for your speakers.


It is always significant to check the size of your old speakers as well as the size that your car is willing to allocate for the new one.

See the video below to find out how to install Car Speakers​ by yourself

Two types of Car’s Speakers:

Component speakers

Component speaker’s system uses superior design to give you a quality sound in your vehicle.It’s systems are exactly what they sound like.A typical component system includes parts such as tweeters, woofers, and external crossovers, which are separated from one another but come to work in concert with another.

Since the tweeter is separated from the woofer, you can adjust it to obtain the best imaging you need. The music is more realistic and sounds live. The crossovers, also known as cables, are designed to create a clean separation between frequencies that the tweeter and woofer produced to give you a crispier and more “live” experience of sounding.

Pros of Component Speakers

The parts are separated. Since the parts are not connected to one another, there can be an instance where you would move the parts or the sections around, making it more adjustable to suit your liking. Because of this feature, you are able to make a customizable and unique listening experience.

Components system provides you a higher quality sound. You can also put more enhancements to the system than the system that full-range speakers have.

These systems are durable and the speakers can last years. This is because the materials used are of quality.

Cons of Component speakers

It is more expensive than the full-range speakers. The component speakers can range a total of $ 1,000. There are also a large variety of accessories and enhancements that you can choose and buy for your speaker. There is a tendency for you to over-shop for your car’s sounding experience.

Because the system is composed of different parts which are separated, installing these speakers might be very complex and may require a higher level of expertise.

While they can be very complicated to install, they can also be very hard to repair. This may again require you extra costs.

Full-Range speakers (Coaxial Speakers)

Unlike that of the component speakers systems, the full-range speakers have all-in-one systems. They are the ones you need especially when you just want to replace your factory speakers. This is because the woofer and the tweeters are part of a single unit.

All you need to do is to uninstall your old speaker and replace it with this full-range speaker. Because it’s one unit, it is easy to uninstall. No unnecessary effort is needed. A good set of these speakers can also give you a good sounding experience and a quality music, although unlike component speakers, you can’t enhance and put other accessories to these systems.

Pros of Full-Range Speakers

They are less expensive than the component speakers. They are also the typical speakers appropriate for everyday use for drivers. Everyone can afford this system.

These speakers can be very easy to install. If you are a person who likes to do things on your own even with no expertise , these speakers are the ones you need. No skilled technician is needed.

Even if they are cheaper than the component speakers, they are able to provide you a wider range of sound. A great replacement for your factory speaker systems.

Cons of Full-Range Speakers

It cannot be customized. Unlike component systems, you can’t add additional enhancements and there are few options for control and optimization.

While it is true that these systems provide you a wider scope of sound, you cannot note the specific bass tones, the high tones or the top-notch quality that the other type of speakers provide.

Even though they are in one unit, depending on your vehicle, these systems may or may not fit in your cars. This is because they can be in a different brands and different sizes. They can be with different attributes from one another, so in buying one, you need to shop around and look for the one that fits.

Top 5 Best Speakers for Your Car

1. Kicker DS65 6.5” Coax Speakers

This product is one of the top and best sellers in the Amazon. It has quality subwoofers, and the components are better than other speakers offer. The speaker’s shell is also durable and can last a long time with proper maintenance.

It comes with some extended coils that enable you to hear a clearer and deeper bass. It also comes with a titanium dome tweeters to give you a crisper vocals and high-level notes.


  • Has 6 ½ woofer and ½ tweeter
  • Aided with a heavy-duty motor structure
  • UV-treated surround for precise linear
  • EVC technology for cleaner and deeper bass


  • Durable
  • Provides a cleaner and clearer sound of bass
  • One of the latest
  • Provides a more amplified sound


  • Expensive
  • Can be complicated to install
  • Might not fit to other car models

2. Infinity Reference 6032CF 2-Way Car Speakers

Some claim that the Infinity Reference 6032CF 2-Way Car Speakers are the upgrade from an OEM. The performance numbers are as good as 4 ohms, 60 RMS watts, and 180 peak watts.

In this product, more cone surface is provided that efficiently increases the bass output. The center tweeter can be adjusted clockwise and counterclockwise for customizable sound experience. This enables the listener to point the speakers to them.


  • Has one woofer cones and
  • Durable rubber surrounds
  • One-year warranty
  • Adjustable tweeters
  • Has an edge-driven textile tweeter


  • Made by a world-class manufacturer
  • Reasonable price
  • Good quality sound


  • Bass response could be better that it provides
  • The mid-range notes could be powerful
  • Sound quality varies on the model you buy

3. Alpine SPS-610C 2-Way Car Speakers

These are the S-type series car speakers. Most of the reviews claim that it provides an impressive mid and high notes. Also, the tweeters help in bringing the vocals out, making it clearer and deeper to hear by ears. They are rated as mid-level car speakers and they work better with subwoofers and other enhancements.

Some also claim that these speakers were a big upgrade from “kickers as kickers from stock”. It also provides a good amount of power, very enough not to cause damage to the unit. The tweeters are also pleasing to the ears, as well as the crossovers are well-build for efficienc. Generally, component speakers are difficult to install, this unit provides an ample amount of adapters to make the installation easy.


  • 6 ½ Type S Series Component system
  • Premium quality
  • Tweeter which has a swivel-mount capacity
  • The speaker grilles are separately sold


  • Affordable
  • Well-balanced
  • Provides a clear sound


  • Tweeters are claimed to be faulty in general
  • No amp/booster involved

4. JBL GTO628 2-Way Car Speakers

This set comes with a 6.5” as the whole body. One roofer, the Plus One, is surrounded by rubber, to provide the customer a deeper and more responsive bass quality. It also comes with a low-impendence speaker voice coils that potentially extract power from the amp to able to give you a good performance.

Some of the reviewers claim that the unit provides a very good bass tone and you can run it in a high volume. Even though it comes with a mixture of wires, there is a greater chance that it would still work no matter how you put the wires. However, there is no taking risks here. It is more advisable if you follow the instructions and install the wires on their proper locations.


  • Two way speaker with size 6 ½ inches
  • Comes with a one woofer cone that provides a rubber sound
  • Adjustable tweeter
  • 180 W
  • 2 OHM impedance


  • Clear and Deep Bass
  • Powerful performance
  • Easy to install than other component speakers


  • Based on Amazon reviews, some of these speakers last for only months

5. Jaras JJ-2646 3-Way Car Speakers

This set comes with a 6.5” all around and has a maximum power rating of 360 W. This is also the cheapest speakers. But you also need to consider the size. It might be very frustrating if you bought the size that doesn’t fit your car. They also come with the needed wires and screws.

Some said that these speakers sound great and look great. From the sound quality to the appearance, you can ensure a quality product. When you install this speaker, you would immediately hear the difference compared to the cheap speakers in the market.


  • Woofer has butyl rubber sound
  • Has ASV coilHas 360 W peak power handling
  • One neodymium film dome3/4 –inch Piezo tweeter


  • Provides rubber sound
  • Inexpensive for its quality
  • Good quality sound
  • Reasonably priced considering all the great features


  • Some claim that it produces not so loud sound

Our Best Car Speaker Choice

Kicker DS65 6.5” Coax Speakers

So these are the top 5 best speakers you can always include in your choice list. Among the five given above, the best is the product no. 1 - Kicker DS65 6.5” Coax Speakers. Aside from a durable outer shell, you can also expect a very good quality sound – deeper and clearer bass and good sound from mid-high notes.

Because it is a component style speakers, you can always adjust as well as add some enhancements to the system, providing you a more efficient sounding experience.

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