Ford GAA tank engine Ford GAA tank engine

Drag racers like to consider that they have the cope with on huge time carnage and stuff. Less than ordinary conditions we could make the argument that their copious use of nitromethane places them in a unique class, but the truth is that there is a extra damaging force at do the job in the earth of tractor pulling that results in the form of actual physical problems that drag racers could only desire of. That power? Massive boost. We’re conversing up to 200lbs in some cases and plenty of instances that strengthen is getting shoved into engines that have been possibly never ever meant for it or never supposed for the levels of it that they are hoping to tackle. Enter the Ford GAA motor and this pulling tractor in Europe.

The Ford GAA tank engine was designed in the late 1930s. It is 1100ci and from the manufacturing unit, this the natural way aspirated, overhead cam, gasoline burning beast made 525hp at  2,800 RPM but a lot more impressively from idle to 2,500 RPM it built more than 1,000 lb/ft of torque. That electrical power was primarily utilized to supply drive for motor vehicles like tanks and tank restoration motor vehicles created concerning 1940 and 1950. This motor has a bore of 5.4″ and a stroke of 6″. Gas usage is rated at, “holy crap that is a whole lot.”

So now that you know the foundation of what is making the suds in the tractor, let’s appear at what could possibly have caused this motor to blow wholly in 50 %. Being a by natural means aspirated motor originally, we’re positive that interior bracing, girdles, and other gusseting was employed to make this engine live below the large quantities of boost that the major rear mounted turbos had been shoving by means of it and they worked until this run. Possibly a substantial escape of stress from a single of the cylinders prompted the matter to go? What is your idea?

As the tractor gets spooled up and rolling off the beginning line, matters are seeking rather very good. The significant tractor is producing ahead development, the front finish begins to climb a minimal, putting all the weight of the device on the rear tires and it appears to be like like this male is in for a very good amount. Then with pretty much no warning, “KABLOOEY”.

You require to check out the online video a couple of times to (a) revel in the violence of the engine coming apart and (b) revel in the violence of almost everything else. Very seriously, look at the driver, tractor chassis, and everything else appear to a halt Proper NOW when that motor ceases to be a working unit. Mechanical violence to the bone!

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