A Thrilling Tale: Robin and the Drug Smugglers

The house grasp Mr. Trevor John tackled all the boarders assembled in the school compound of the Daly School, the leading household school established up the English at Indore. Properly boys” he explained “currently is reserving out day”. All senior boys who desire to guide out may possibly give their names to the home Prefect. But remember boys, to be again by 6 in the evening it’s the dead line”. Robin Singh a university student of Course X looked at the sky. It was vivid and sunny. Oh! He believed what fun to cycle out for a very long cross country trip. His thoughts have been interrupted by a mild faucet on his shoulder. It was the Vice Principal, Mr. Gopal Singh.

“Hey Robin, what’s your prepare? Going for a swing on your cycle?” he questioned.

“Sir” Robin replied

The full college knew that Robin was an ace prolonged distance cyclist. Only at the previous point out degree satisfy he had received the 10,000 meters race in file time. His sports activities learn experienced substantial hopes of Robin earning it huge on the worldwide scene.

Robin set out on his cycle a modern Raleigh gifted to him following his previous victory by the Raja of Dewas. He drove underneath a obvious blue sky toward the nearby Army cantonment of MHOW or as the British referred to as it the Army Headquarter of War. at breakneck pace as he examined the device and his have stamina to the limit. He before long crossed the cantonment which was about 20 miles from his university. In a handful of moments Mhow was still left behind. The street now turned very desolate with hardly a pedestrian and only the odd truck to continue to keep him company. He headed forward and quickly noticed a small street winding absent amid the hills. He slowed down and turned into a side street. It was a lonely street lined all along with lush eco-friendly trees. Soon after a several minutes he resolved to acquire a rest and parked his cycle underneath the shade of a massive Banyan tree. Getting out his canteen from the tiny bag at the again of his cycle, he took a swish of the chilly water and assumed of the upcoming state stage satisfy. He meant to earn it. Just then he was startled to see the flight of birds from a tree some length absent. Certainly the birds had been frightened. Intrigued he set the bottle again and appeared in the path of the flight of the birds. A instant afterwards he listened to a scream. It was a chilling sound that shattered the tranquility of the spot. He appeared in the course of the audio. Just forward was a small hill that hid the horizon from his eyes. The spirit of journey fired him as he headed toward the small hill. He was sure the scream was that of a guy, most likely in dire threat. He swiftly climbed the hill and using shelter powering a clump of trees seemed down. An eerie sight achieved his eyes. A brown coloured jeep was parked and near it stood 4 men. It was apparent that a single of the adult men was held firmly by two of the guys whilst a third guy stood in entrance. Robin observed that he wore dark glasses with curved dagger in his proper hand.

Instinctively he strike the floor and seemed on, fearful that he had stumbled at the scene of a gigantic crime. The man with darkish eyeglasses hissed “Karim Bhai, why do you want to die. Notify us where the opium is and I will permit you go scot cost-free.” The man referred to as Karim whimpered “Patel sahib, spare me… I do not have the opium.”

“You imply you sold it?”


“Then the place is the hard cash? The opium was really worth a fortune”

“I shed it… but I will pay back… “

“You scoundrel… “

Robin observed the blade flash in the sunlight as it descended with good drive and entered the stomach of the man identified as Karim”

“Die, you… you insect”

Robin noticed Patel Bhai stab Karim frequently. The gentleman slumped ahead as Patel Sahib sheathed his blood covered dagger. The other two gentlemen laughed “Patel sahib, it is superior you have killed the bastard, he was a serious snake”

“Sure” Patel sahib replied.

“It was a wonderful ploy to call him right here” 1 of the adult males commented “Sahib you are a true genius, even the nearby police inspector is in your pay”

At this all laughed. Startled Robin held his breath as he took in the gory scene. He considered it best to depart and slowly but surely he started off to back absent. Unwittingly his hand dislodged a small stone that hurtled down the hill aspect.

“What is it?” the person known as Patel sahib shouted and then his eagle eye espied Robin going away.

“There is a boy” He shouted “By the grace of Krishna catch him and destroy him I want no witness to this”

“Huzoor” the two males replied in unison as they headed towards Robin.

“Idiots” Patel sahib shouted ‘come with me in the jeep, we shall quickly capture the scoundrel’

Robin slid down rapidly to his cycle. His ears reverberated with what he experienced heard. He knew he was on his individual, with these desperados at the rear of him. He remembered examining Sherlock Holmes and text of the well-known detective to his good friend Dr. Watson rang in his eyes “Watson the activity is afoot… “

He immediately climbed into the saddle as he remembered that in this scenario he was the match.

Robin took stock of the scenario. He realized that if he cycled on the street, there was a fantastic possibility of the crooks catching him on their jeep. So he turned of the metallic led highway and headed into the bypassed clumps of trees and rocks that dotted the scene. Shout from driving alerted him to the jeep next him to the state facet. Patel sahib looked at the other two adult men sternly and explained “Smasher, cock your pistol and preserve it prepared the second you get the boy in your sight, shoot to eliminate”

“Huzoor” the gentleman referred to as Shamsher replied as he pulled out a sinister wanting revolver and held it in direction of the fleeing boy. Robin, now noticeable to the scenic elegance cycled for dear lifetime. He remembered that just next to the cantonment there was a little law enforcement write-up so he headed in its typical way. Powering him he could listen to the jeep pursuing, its engine chugging away ominously. The jeep uncovered following Robin a complicated proposition as the countryside was undulating and dotted with rocks and trees, making it possible for Robin to remain crystal clear in advance. He took great gulps of air as he cycled forwards his coronary heart pulsating like a machine. Forward he was heartened at the sight of a little wood and he cycled in direction of it with gusto. Looking at Robin head to the clump of trees Patel Sahib shouted “Get the boy Shamsher – normally we may reduce him” Shamsher took goal and fired. The stillness of the countryside was shattered with a shot, but as the jeep was in movement, Shamsher’s intention was not continual and he skipped the weaving boy. Robin crossed the tiny wooden and heaved a sigh of aid as he observed the principal street ahead and a minor ahead the Law enforcement article. He cycled powerfully in the direction of it. He entered the compound and headed to the modest office. He entered the door and saw a tiny business office. He entered the doorway and saw little gentleman sitting there. Robin could make out that he was sub inspector. Startled the policeman search at Robin and requested “Boy, what are you carrying out here?”

Robin didn’t like the appear on the man’s face, but all the similar he replied “Sir I have just viewed a murder take put, some distance away from listed here and the killers are following me in a jeep”

“A brown colored Jeep? “Questioned the Inspector.

“Indeed sir” Robin replied, but he wondered how the inspector could have recognised the colour of the jeep. The Inspector motioned him to sit down.

“Never get worried” he explained, “I shall before long capture them, but you stay here and you should not go anywhere”

Robin seemed out of the door and his coronary heart skipped a conquer as he saw the exact same jeep enter the compound. He could make out the a few hoodlums sitting down inside of.

“Are these the adult men?” the inspector questioned. Robin nodded his head with a faint trace of doubt in his mind. Motioning Robin to retain sitting the Inspector went outside the house to the jeep. He attained the jeep as the occupants obtained down. Robin could make out that they had been recognized to the Inspector. He noticed Patel Sahib smiling broadly as he shook fingers with the inspector. Aghast Robin observed the inspector pointing toward the office with his thumb. God! Considered Robin, this person is in league with Patel sahib. He did not tarry a second but swiftly climbed out of the window landing with a gentle thud outside. He wishes he experienced his cycle with him, but understood it would be perilous to test and get it as it was parked in the compound. Robin set his athletic physique to great use as he stealthily headed into the countryside. He ran parallel to the road, using include now and then to conceal his motion. He questioned at the reaction of the adult males as they went into the police submit. Certainly they would not be delighted at his escape. As he ran he retained his eye on the street hoping to see a police patrol auto to aid him. He knew that the adult men in the jeep had been hardened criminals. Before long out the corner of his eye he espied a blue colored Gypsy and instinctively realized it to be a police patrol car. He stopped and waved his arms commonly to entice the attention of the occupants. They noticed him and slowed down. Robin headed toward the patrol Gypsy with alacrity. Panting he stopped by its side and seemed at the policemen with hope and anticipation. He was reassured at their sight. There were being two of them within. A person of them, a kindly on the lookout guy with a substantial moustache smiled at Robin.

What is it son?” he questioned softly

Robin quickly narrated the sequence of occasions. The person listened intently. It was clear that he thought Robin. Just as Robin concluded the brown coloured jeep appeared from driving. He saw Patel sahib and his henchmen sitting in the jeep. Police Gypsy they accelerated and sped ahead.

“They are the men” Robin gasped “They are obtaining absent”

The person smiled “They would not get far son”

He tuned the wi-fi established and spoke into the mike

“Inspector Tripathi calling. A Runaway jeep with possible criminals is fleeing on the Mhow highway. Intercept and arrest”

He switched of the set and grinned “Let us see how considerably they get. And you son much better go property”

Robin smiled, greatly relieved “But make sure you get me back again to the law enforcement article as my cycle is parked there”

Robin climbed into the Gypsy as it reversed. Just then the wireless crackled. The voice arrived distinct and sharp “Good demonstrate Tripathi. Jeep with noted smuggler Patel sahib apprehended along with Sub Inspector Ramu”

The inspector grinned “That was the DSP”

Robin reached the faculty. He cycled gradually into the vast compound. The roll connect with was about. Only the residence master was standing with a sign-up. Looking at Robin tactic he appeared a very little severely and stated “You are fifteen minutes late Robin A deadline is a deadline”


“Perfectly no out move for you up coming Sunday” the Residence Grasp stated with an air of finality

Robin smiled weakly. He questioned whether or not he need to notify the Household Master about the extraordinary happenings of the working day, but decided versus it. Most likely he would not consider him. He just walked into the dorm and fell quickly asleep.

Two times afterwards Robin was termed together with his household grasp to the Principals Business. Robin entered the area and observed the principal sitting down pompously. Sitting down in entrance of the Principal was the Home master together with Sub Inspector Tripathi and yet another gentleman sporting a lot of ribbons on his upper body. He was the Inspector Typical of Law enforcement. The Principal beamed “Robin you have carried out the faculty very pleased. The IG tells me that you served capture Patel Sahib a infamous narcotics smuggler.

The IG smiled “Nicely down son”.